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Jazz Survivors

Classic jazz, bebop, swing, big band era, bossa nova and Dixieland in South Florida
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Zoltan Grof  Trumpet 

Les Blachut  Keys / Vibes

Bob LaMendola  Bass

Eloy Oliveros  Drums

Horns  Jason Hainsworth, Larry Kendzora, Joan Natividad

Guitar  Heriberto Rey

Keyboard   Fred DeBerardinis

Vocals  Samara Ruiz, Tony Rao

Contact: Bob LaMendola   

Jazz Survivors

From left: Bob, Eloy, Les, Zoltan
With all the hip hop and instrumental pop in the world, there's precious little authentic jazz left to be found these days. Here's some.

The Jazz Survivors are all about the best traditions of jazz ~ America's only original music ~ from swinging Ellington to bopping Freddie Hubbard to lilting Jobim (OK, so he's Brazilian). We like music with substance, with the strongest melodies, with genuine fun, with depth to explore.

And to be honest, we like lots of other music, and we play some of it when the mood strikes or the occasion dictates. You might hear some blues, smooth jazz, R&B, pop and even polka. Good tunes are good tunes!

In  memory of our friend and violinist, Leif Reck, now playing with heaven's best.

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