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NO Fluffy Bunny Witches

No Fluffy Bunny Witches Please!!

You must be thinking by now, "what the heck is a Fluffy Bunny Witch?!" A Fluffy Bunny Witch is usually a Wiccan Witch, (you will never see a Pagan Witch called a Fluffy Bunny!) They are those people who are "into" being a Witch, the ones who pick up a book, read it, go by a BIG Pentagram necklace, all black clothing, and dress up like it's Halloween everyday. Walk around looking for someone to challange "their Religion", just people in general who become a Witch overnight and act like they are the balm. They think they know it all, they think they can challange the knowledge of a Witch and or any Christian who disapproves of the Wiccan Religion with thier new knowledge that they just read it in a Silver Raven Wolf book last night.
I know that sounded harsh, how dare she talk so negative about a sister Witch you must be thinking. No, you will see what I mean, I will make sure you don't become a fluffy bunny. Not all Wiccans are Fluffy Bunnies, and they are the ones who hate the ones who are because those "bunnies" give the Wiccans who are not fluffy, a bad name in some Pagan communities, A Pagan Witch has no time for those silly bunnies, and serious Wiccans pay the price for them. Confused? listen, a Pagan Witch has been around forever, Paganism is the First Religion, the "Old Religion" Wicca, is OF the Pagan Faith, AND Wicca has only been around since the 1950's, the Rede, the Law of Three, and most of what you will be learning (and living by on the beginning of your Pagan Path) is Wiccan, which like I said has only been around since the 50's, founded by Gerald Gardner, a great man who paved the way for all of us to live out of the Broom Closet so to speak. There is a lot of Wiccan stuff that I live by, it's just those who read a few books, dress up, and read the words in rhym and "cast a spell" and think they are a real Witch! Please!
Well, there you have it, now you have an idea of what NOT to be.