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Hidell tried to start a class war in America. He nearly succeeded.
Praise for ...
The First Shot of the Class War: Alek Hidell and the Assassination of Bill Gates

"The book that's opening people's eyes to what made Alek Hidell tick." -- Larry King, CNN

"An unflinching glimpse at how issues of classism in America may be contributing to outbreaks of violence ... gets you into the head of Alek Hidell, a place you might not want to be." -- Chicago Tribune

"While many in the media fawn over any new conspiracy theory in the Gates murder, Warren and MacAdams effectively prove that Alek Hidell's guilt would have been provable beyond a reasonable doubt." -- New Republic

"What we really need is a class war. Who will fire the first shot?" -- Alek Hidell
Despite criticisms from conspiracy theorists and widespread reporting of unsubstantiated rumor by the media, the murder of Bill Gates is as open-and-shut a case as the official investigation suggests. Alek Hidell, a disaffected political radical consumed by the notions of "firing the first shot" in an American class war, reached his breaking point in December of 1999 and erupted into violence.

In "The First Shot of the Class War," Veronika Warren and Gerald MacAdams bring the first comprehensive biography of Alek Hidell to life through extensive research and hundreds of interviews. From his troubled and neglected youth, through his violent disagreements with other socialist groups, to his fateful decision to "assassinate" the Chairman of Microsoft to order to trigger a class war in America, Hidell's life presents a cautionary warning on how the forces of race and class in America turn disaffection into outrage.

Co-Authors Veronika Warren and Gerald MacAdams
in one of their many television appearances.

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