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Pacific Airways

Receive triple miles when you travel:

  • Memphis via Houston, Newark or Cleveland. Bonus ends July 31.
  • Receive double miles when you travel:

  • Anchorage via Houston. Bonus ends August 14.
  • Dallas via Cleveland. Bonus ends August 1.
  • Oakland, CA via Houston. Bonus ends August 14.
  • Sacramento via Houston. Bonus ends July 2.
  • To receive the bonus miles, you must register the offer prior to travel. You will be asked to show your frequent flyer card at the check-in counter.

    US Express

    All full fare economy and first class tickets conecting through Detroit, Salt Lake, or Minneapolis are available at significant savings. Ticketing must be completed by August 31 and all travel completed by September 30. Fares include all classes. Certain restrictions apply.


    Get 500 bonus miles from Airborne (in addition to 500 miles from North American Air) when you book a shuttle flight:

  • Boston to New York City (LGA)

  • New York City (LGA) to Washington, DC (National-DCA)
  • Washington, DC (DCA) to Boston
  • Travel must be completed by December 31. You must be a member of both airline flyer programs.

    Jason Travel, Inc.

    Backroads Travel Agency

    Cardoza-Bungey Travel