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About the Artist

Joy Roberts-Hill began her business Doll-e-Mark in 1995. Doll-e-Mark's main objective is to create beautiful dolls of color, to promote the work of other striving artists who make them, and to enrich the community by exhibiting and teaching dolls as art. Twice a year, in the spring, and fall,Roberts-Hill runs a "Doll Therapy" workshop at Beth Israel Medical Center, in the Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic. Each workshop runs for six weeks or until all projects have been completed.

Roberts-Hill's work incorporates history, personallity, and culture that in the past was not traditionally reflected in ethnic dolls. Her dolls depict the wide variety of skin tones, facial features, and hair textures prevalent in people of color. She is presently working on a historical figure Madam C.J. Walker to be exhibited in her up-coming show.

Doll-e-Mark has hosted over 10 doll shows in the New York metropolitan area, in places such as:

  • The Millennium Broadway Hotel
  • Afroworks Gallery
  • The National Black Theatre The Brooklyn Marriott
  • The Pennsylvania Hotel.

    The next show will be held on

    November 2,3, 2002 at the Dylan Hotel, 52 E 41st Street (between Park and Madison). New York City

    Joy Roberts-Hill is a member of the Academy of American Doll Artists. Her work has been on display in the Corridor Galleries of the Interchurch Center in Manhattan, The RiverView Towers Art Show in Harlem, and the Robeson Gallery at Pennsylvania State University. Her dolls have also been featured in magazines such as: Dolls, Doll World, Contemporary Doll Collector, and Soft Dolls & Animals.