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This site is all about saving you money on a whole host of items at our online shopping mall.  Buying products at lower prices than anywhere else is saving you $$$$$.  They are dollars for you, that you can spend, that you wouldn't have had .  Putting your hard earned dollars to work for you is what we are about.   Earn money, get cash, buy and save!!  The more you make, the more you buy and the more you save.  That's why we are called the "money machine store"!!

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You can get $$$$$ saving calling cards, long distance rates from 3.9 cents a minute, voice messaging, satellite TV and much more, right here !!!!  Don't wait another minute with high costs you're paying now!!!

Let your mouse do the walking and talking.  Save hours of searching the internet and forgetting what you saw where, can be frustrating.  Never leave home and save time you can be doing things you'd rather be doing.  We have it all right here.  Save time, Save money, Save fuel and Save again and again at our online shopping mall!!!

We are constantly adding new lines ( now 75 stores ) to our online shopping mall so check back with us frequently so you won't miss out on our outstanding bargains!!!

Shop at Wal-Mart  That's right, you can shop at Wal-Mart right here!!!  Just click on the link above for thousands of their products.  To have Wal-Mart email you when products are rolled back, click here  Shop at Wal-Mart.  It has never been easier at Wal-Mart.

We have affiliates from the smallest companies to the largest company.  Andy's Home Shop to Wal-Mart's Mega-mart.

So check us out.  Your wallet will be glad you did!!! 

You have come to the right online shopping mall.  Save on purchases and get a credit card if you need one, or cash , send someone some cash, via Western Union, as well as PayPal, and more importantly for some of you,  make money from letting others in on just one or several of the INCOME PRODUCING  $$$$$$  money making machines offered here.

     Get all the details you need to make an intelligent decision about your future.  You can make as little as you want or make hundreds or even thousands.  Yes, thousands for years to come with simple techniques that anyone reading these pages can do.  We have all the products you need for a successful website, right here.  The Best and Cheapest tools on the internet Why pay more, after endless hours of shopping.  We've done it for you.  WE USE THEM!!!     


But enough about that here.  This is an online shopping mall you can shop at and save money, time and effort via the internet !!!  Products and services of all kinds.  If all you want to do here is find a product you already are using or new ones that catch your eye, AT BETTER PRICES then do exactly that.  That is one of our purposes.  Enjoy and save and have fun.  I use this website for that purpose and I own it.  It is that good!!! Bookmark this page or put it in your favorites list to find us easy, whenever you want to save time, money and a hassle free shopping experience.

Thanks for dropping in and using our Mall Merchants, offered on this site. Please come back here and use them again.  

Thanks.Mall Manager

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Want to drop us an email and let us know how much you saved, or give us some ideas to better serve you our customer, then click on the email box below.

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    Note:  All comments you see by the Affiliate Stores Banners in this Internet Shopping Mall, are by the Mall Manager at Dollars 4 U Store, not the owners of the stores themselves.    

Privacy Policy:  Your name and/or email address and any other information received on this site, will never be given to other sources, at any time, for any reason.  You can "take that to the bank"!!!

Thanks for shopping at the Dollars 4U Store where big savings like the ones above are found!!!