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Tropico Juice Drinks


With the quality assurance of CDL, comes Tropico, a premium juice drink, superior in taste and exceptional in pulp contents, for the absolute taste of refreshing, invigorating fruit juice drink. Available in smart 200 ml slim pack and 1000ml Tetra Brick (Mango and Mango/Orange Flavours). Tropico is the perfect thirst quenching refreshment for all occasions. Available in four exciting flavours, Tropico is always alive in taste and full on fruition.


Four Delightful Tropico Fruit Juices

bulletTropico Apple Juice Rich in taste, for the fullest flavour of truly ripened fresh apples.
bulletTropico Mango Juice The savory taste of rich and pulpy mangoes.
bulletTropico Mango Orange Juice A unique blend of oranges and mangoes perfected for the most discernin of palates.
bulletTropico Mix Fruit Juice A unique blend of Oranges, Apple and Mango. A real tasty treat.