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N'rish - Instant Full Cream Milk Powder

N'rish, instant full cream milk powder, gives you the complete nourishment of fresh milk without the water. N'rish contains more fat, loads of calcium for stronger bones, teeth and vitamins A, B and D, which are essential for the physical and mental growth of your child. With CDL's high quality manufacturing facility, the hygiene concerns related to fresh milk cease to exit. We make sure that the milk you get is 100% hygienic. With all this and more, N'rish is available for a little less than even fresh milk.

The new BIO-ACTIVE 4 formulation helps your child Grow with Iron,Inulin, Vitamin A & D and Gluco-Fructose.


Key Benefits

bulletHigh Nourishment
bulletClean and pure
bulletVitamnin A & D
bulletRich in Iron