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Haleeb Milk


Haleeb is the brand name of CDL's UHT milk. Haleeb is Pasteurized, Standardized, Homogenized and Ultra Heat Treated milk of the highest standards. Haleeb is available all over the country in 1 Liter, 500 ml and 250 ml Tetra Packs. When you buy Haleeb you can be assured of the best quality milk money can buy. Haleeb is standardized to 3.5% Butter Fats and 8.9% SNF (Solids Non Fat) as prescribed by Pakistan Pure Food Laws.

CDL Foods Limited now has another first to its credit. For the first time in Pakistan Haleeb 1 Litre offers Easy open packing. No longer will you need scissors or knifes to open your favourite milk. Just peal open with you hands.














Key Benefits

bulletGuaranteed Clean/Bacteria Free
bullet Homogenized
bullet Standardized