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Haleeb Lassi Drink


Haleeb Foods Limited, Pakistan's largest dairy company and the makers of Haleeb - "The Thickest Milk", recently launched another quality product with their much-awaited Haleeb Lassi Drink. "Lassi" is an age-old traditional beverage in Pakistan, and is primarily a refreshing blend of milk & yogurt. As the preferred 'beverage of choice' when it comes to 'beating the heat', Haleeb Lassi Drink aims to give consumers the same satisfying traditional taste which has earned Lassi its unbeatable reputation along with the hygiene, convenience and accessibility benefits which only Tetra Pak packaging can offer. This extremely satisfying blend of thick milk and fresh yogurt, aims at targeting consumers who are looking for a change, and can appreciate the familiar "traditional" satisfaction of packaged Lassi in the fast approaching summer months. Haleeb Lassi Drink is also the only 'Ready to drink' Lassi available in Pakistan. Available in 250ml Tetra Brik packs, Haleeb Lassi Drink is sweetened and is sure to bring a cool & calm effect to the daily lives of people out and about in the grueling summer season.


Key Benefits

bullet Guaranteed Clean/Bacteria Free
bullet Homogenized
bullet Standardized
bulletEasy Open pack to