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1.0     Product                         :         Ferric Chloride

1.01     Chemical Formula         :           FeCl3 

1.02     Molecular Weight         :           162.5

2.0     Specification

2.01     Average Chemical Analysi

2.01.1 Concentration 

            FeCl3               :           38 - 42 %

            FeCl2               :           Traces

Physical state                :           Liquid

Physical Appearance    :           Dark red / brown

Odor                            :           Slightly iron / acid

Vapor pressure :           Negligible

Specific gravity :           1.38 - 1.49

Solubility in water         :           Complete

pH                               :           < 1.0

Boiling point                 :           230 0F or 110 0C

3.0      Production Handling

3.01          Store away from the heat, strong alkali and alkali metals

3.02          Keep container close & dry and protect container from physical damage.

3.03          Keep container in cool place.

3.04          Avoid breathing vapors and / or mist.

3.05          Use handling equipment (pumps, hoses, etc.) compatible with product, i.e. polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, Teflon, Rubber, FRP and titanium.


4.0            Safety Instructions

4.01     Avoid making contact with skin

4.02Use safety goggles, gloves and rubber footwear.

4.03Do not inhale concentrated mist and vapors.

4.04Do not contact with eyes.

4.05Immediate effects can cause severe liver and / or kidney damage.

4.06Remove victim to fresh air, if  breathing is difficult, give oxygen.

4.07This material handling place should be equipped with an eye wash facility        and safety shower.

5.0             Uses

Treatment of sewerage and industrial wastes, etching agent for engraving, photography, and printed circuitry, condensation in friedel-crafts reactions, condensing agent, disinfectant, pigment, feed additive, water purification.