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    2nd Mortgage

2nd Mortgage Buyer

Are you collecting payments from the sale of a business or real estate 2nd mortgage note?

We can give you a lump sum of cash now for a portion of your remaining payments.

This gives you the cash you need now! And you still receive the rest of your payments later.

If you are currently receiving payments from the sale of real estate or a business and would like to cash in on those payments, we can help. At Investors Funding Source we work with investors who buy 2nd mortgage notes and trust deeds written on real estate and security agreements or chattel mortgages on business assets. How would you like to receive a lump sum of cash rather than wait for all those monthly payments to come in?

Even if you have thought about selling the payments before, we will be able to show you options that will meet your needs without taking a huge discount on the value of your note.

If you need all of the money from your 2nd mortgage note or business note, or simply a small portion, we have plans that will fit any situation.

For additional information on selling your business or 2nd mortgage note, or to obtain a FREE quote

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