Publishing with BRQ

About the BRQ Publication:

The BRQ is an independent journal, that publishes submitted manuscripts, free of charge, after they have been gone through a double blind peer review process.
Depending on reviewer's findings, manuscripts can be accepted, accepted after minor or major revisions, or rejected.

Articles are published in one of 4 issues annually
Authors interested in receiving hard copies of the issues in which their article was published will be charged for printing and shipping costs.

Shipping costs for hard copies:

  • Within the U.S. and Canada: $35 per set of 3 copies.
  • International: $48 per set of 3 copies.

Subscription rates:

  • For institutions, agencies, and libraries $80.00 in the United States; $100.00 in Canada and Mexico, $120.00 in the rest of the world.
  • For individuals, $60.00 in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and $80.00 in the rest of the world.
  • Single-issue price: $20.00 for institutions, and for individuals.
  • For students: $50.00 per year, and $15.00 per single issue.

To ensure correct and prompt delivery, all orders must give either the name of an individual or an official purchase order number.

SUBSCRIPTION ORDERS should be mailed to:
Business Renaissance Quarterly
532 South Lake Avenue
Suite 102, Pasadena, California 91101-3529

EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE may be sent via e-mail to the editor,
Dr. Joan Marques, at

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