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The Business Renaissance Quarterly, ISSN # 1930-7462, is a double blind reviewed journal, set out by the Business Renaissance Institute, and focused on the publication of papers and articles pertaining to improvement of workplace performance, and enhancement of the quality of life for all stakeholders in a business environment.

The journal focuses on a dual reading audience: Scholars with an interest in the topic, and Business Executives.

Based on the journal's reading audience, the type of papers considered for publication are also dual: there is a scholarly section, and a business oriented part.

  • The Scholarly section consists of papers varying in length between 3000 and 5000 words, with proper citation and adherence to APA V format.
  • The Business Executive section consists of papers varying in length between 1500 and 2500 words, written in more popular language, and thus more appealing to business executives.

  • Purpose of the BRQ

    The board members of the Business Renaissance Quarterly are aware of the global impact and influence of business organizations, and consequentially, the necessity of a source that strongly emphasizes business' responsibility toward performing at a level that ensures increased return on investment, along with enhanced quality and quantity of output, and overall elevated human satisfaction in- and outside the immediate business environment.

    It is because of the need for greater understanding in this area that the BRQ focuses on the unification of products created by strong, positive, insightful business-oriented minds.

    This, then, is the main reason for the existence of the
    Business Renaissance Quarterly.

    Invitation for Submission
    The Business Renaissance Quarterly, BRQ, invites you to participate in the journal. Because our focus, as indicated above, is geared toward business renaissance, we accept papers that are reviewing processes, procedures, research outcomes, and suggestions regarding the improvement of the quality of work life for all business stakeholders.

    Scholars, Doctoral students, and established Business Executives are highly encouraged to submit papers to BRQ for review. All submissions are subject to a two person blind peer review process.

    Please email your submissions to:

    BRQ reserves the rights to amend, modify, add to, or delete its rules, policies, and procedures with regard to its institutional relationship with authors (contributors) as deemed necessary by the administration. Any such amendment, modification, addition, or deletion shall not be considered a violation of the relationship between BRQ and authors (contributors). Each paper will first be reviewed, while the registration fee will be paid by the contributor upon acceptance of the paper.

    Our Books for those who seek to establish a fulfilling and successful work environment:

    From Me to We: Transforming Ourselves to Greater Awareness
    (Kendall-Hunt, 2011).

    Editors: Dr. Joan Marques, Dr. Satinder Dhiman, and Dr. Richard King.

    From Me to We: Transforming Ourselves to Greater Awareness is entirely focused on 21st century needs and desires. It presents readers with real life examples provided by prominent business and academic leaders. Highly appealing, yet easily applicable, solutions to problems everyone regularly struggles with are included.

    Each chapter is based on a dialogue session for workforce members with topics relating to:

    • increased meaning on Monday morning

    • greater social responsibility

    • the value of character at work

    • self-reflection and self-knowledge

    • meditation for busy business people

    • the notion of spiritual intelligence

    • the importance of finding purpose in life
    From Me to We touches on multiple aspects of personal and professional lives, and is written in a way that you do not have to finish the book in one sitting. Once read, this book will serve as a lasting guiding source and assessment document for those who need recurring encouragement to remain focused on the constructive things of work-life.

    Working people, management students, and participants to executive workshops will tremendously benefit from this book.

    The Workplace and Spirituality: New Perspectives on Research and Practice
    (Skylight Paths, 2009).

    Editors: Dr. Joan Marques, Dr. Satinder Dhiman, and Dr. Richard King.

    This book is a highly useful one for everyone who wants to make a positive difference at work and elsewhere, starting with the self.

    Contributing authors to this timely project were:
    Richard Barrett Margaret Benefiel, PhD Jerry Biberman, PhD Kathy Lund Dean, PhD
    Satinder Dhiman, EdD Frederick T. Evers, PhD Linda Ferguson, PhD Charles J. Fornaciari, PhD
    Kerry Hamilton, CPCC, ACC Ellen Hayakawa Tanis Helliwell, MEd Craig E. Johnson, PhD
    Dr. Richard King Marjo Lips-Wiersma, PhD Joan Marques, EdD James F. McMichael, PhD
    Jacqueline Miller Julia Mossbridge, PhD Judi Neal, PhD Robert Rabbin Birute Regine, EdD
    Rev. Lucy Reid Rabbi Dennis S. Ross Lance Secretan, PhD

    Click here to place your order and to read what leading management thinkers such as Marshall Goldsmith, Ian Mitroff, Patricia Aburdene, Jim Kouzes, and Alex Pattakos have to say about this book!

    BRQ Editorial Board and Board of Advisors:

    Board of Directions:
    Dr. Joan Marques, Dr. Satinder Dhiman, Dr. Richard King.

    Board of Advisors:
    Dr. Judi Neal, Dr. Ian Mitroff, Dr. Marjo Lips-Wiersma, Dr. Lee Bolman, Dr. Turan Senguder.

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