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Welcome to Smallville MP3's. The only place to download the songs heard on Smallville.

11-08-01 - X-ray music list is up. The songs should be up on Friday night around 1am central time. Doesn't the new logo look nice? Thanks. :-)

11-07-01 - Don't worry people. I've been getting a lot of e-mails about why yesterdays music isn't up yet. I'm away at college right now. I come back on Friday. So check back around 1am on friday night and all the music should be up unless i can't find it. Lata

11-04-01 - Tuesdays Episode "X-Ray" will be up on Friday because I am leaving today for college classes out of time and won't be back till Friday the 9th. So Don't worry, I will have it up on Friday night. I also added "Binocular - Deep" to the episode "Hothead". It wasn't played in Hothead, but there song "You" was and i downloaded "deep" by accident and i really like the song. See yall Friday :-) I know my grammar sucks, but get over it! hehe

11-02-01 - The music from the first three episodes is up and ready to download. The Message Board, Contact us, links, and guestbook will be up in the next couple of days. Give me time. I just created this site yesterday. :-) Also - All MP3s are in .zip format. If you don't have winzip, please download here

Also if anyone is good with graphics and would like to design me a Banner I would love you forever and post every site you have ever made in the links section. I suck with Graphics. :-) - Brad



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