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Brians Homepage

As most of you know my name is Brian and this is my first attempt to make a html site.I got some pics from the prom but i need some more so if you could send me some i would appreciate it. I'm also going to try to add some music to my site so if any of you got any good songs that you would like on the site tell me and i will try to put them up.I'd also like to thank Andrew for giving me information on how to make my site and i have a link to his site in the links page

Date - Monday, August 12th, 2002

I'm finally home from my 3 week vacation in Nova Scotia.Im thinking about changing the colors on my site because im getting bored of blue and black.


Date - Thursday,July 18th,2002

I added some buttons as links...I was working on them from 11:00 to 1:00 last night so I hope you like them^^.


Date - Monday,July 15th,2002

I kinda gave up on my site for a while but i guess i'll keep on updating it and i'll try to find some more kewl script like the penguin thinggy and i might even change the picture every week.


Date - Friday,June 28th,2002

Estie has now left for another town....good luck in your new life......and remember.....we will never forget you....


Date - Monday,June 25th, 2002

I finally finished my site I just need to get some pics and stuff so if anyone got any pics send them to me and I'll put them up.


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