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hey iight this is Bre once again hittin yall up with my final page haha its about time. ok now this is just the beginning i will be doing updates as i find the time, until then please feel free to get in touch with me as to your thoughts and feelings towards my site. oh yea if you mave any suggestions i would really appreciate them!(all of my contact information is located in my contact page lol who woulda thought)

haha so  welcome to my world!


 i always use to wonder how you could possibly care for ONE person... how can you just love someone soo much to the point that you can pretty much devote you whole life to that one special person. how can you just throw your whole life away to some hopeless cause like marriage, i just couldn't  see myself like with one and only one person for tha rest of my life..i just didn't think that guy existed.. but damn was i wrong. well i did find that one guy hes perfect and he means more to me than he will ever know...hes canged me in ways i never thought possible. ya kno its crazy... its love.

well umm hi lol im bre. haha i dont exactly know what to say so heres what others think:

 "bre's goal in life is to scare young, unsuspecting boys in the halls, grab their hands and force them to "go yonder!" she has THE BEST stories to tell and is almost guaranteed to make you laugh till your tummy hurts." -jen

 "Dis girl is crazy,Bre,umm...but she cool though.Da first time i was met you i was like dis girl is insain but then next time we came out i was like damn look at dis pyscho,SIKE,N*E*Wayz people peep da rest and find out som mo' sh** ight.....~*Much Luv*~"...Bob. S a.k.a Rodney

"bre jus coo like dat..can talk 2her bout wuteva na'mean"-jay jay

" your Beautiful - Really fun - Extremely lucky to have a guy like me as your friend
 wat does that spell! B-R-E" -Dan

well ok if ya have any ideas or if ya just wanna talk heres my info...

IM: Morenamami504


thanx for visiting

check back later for updates! (pics, convos, quotes, little known facts lol all comming soon)