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More than 5 million were reported for abuse and neglect in 2001, with approximately 903,000 cases substantiated.
Professionals, including teachers, law enforcement officers, social workers, and physicians, made more than half(57%) of the screened in reports. Others, including family members, neighbors and other members of the community, made the remaining 43% of the screened in reports.
An estimated 1,300 child maltreatment fatalities occurred in the 50 states and the District of Columbia in 2001
Nationally, of the children for whom the allegations of maltreatment were proven, 57% were neglected, 19% were physically abused, 10% were sexually abused, 7% were psychologically abused, and 2% suffered medical neglect.
Children in the age group of birth to 3 years accounted for 28% of maltreated children. Overall , the rate of victimzationis inversely related to the age of the child. These proportions have remained constant durning the past 5 years.
Of the 1.8 million children in New York City, it is estimated that appoximately 450,000 come into contact with the child welfare system at some point.
Each year, ACS investigates appox 55,000 reports of child abuse and/or nrglect involving 88,00 children.
Parental substance often a fact where children are placed in foster care. Currently, there are about 24,500 children in foster care in New York City.
To learn more about detecting and reporting child abuse and neglect, call the ACS Office of the Neighborhood Based Services at 212-341-3060
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