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Why risk loosing your job or getting kicked out of school for one small indiscretion. Bizzie Kola is an all-natural herb that has been used for generations in the Caribbean and Africa to promote health. But this herb also assists in the removal of toxins and drugs like weed (cannabis, marijuana, ganja, pot, grass) and all its varieties from the system through the bodies' natural processes. Bizzie-Kola will cleanse and restore your body to a healthy state in only a few hours. It's as simple as making tea. Just add boiling water to two teaspoon of bizzie-kola, sweeten and drink. Followed by plenty of water. What could be easier?

The term Bizzie-kola is derived from "Bizzie and Cola Nut", which is a medium sized tree native to the Caribbean and West Africa. It has leathery dark green leaves that are often twisted at the tip. It has small flowers that lack petals borne in clusters. Both male and female flowers are produced on the same cluster. The fruit is a follicle, which is corky or rough on the surface and may be 20 cm in length. The Maroons Indians first prepared this halicser. A tea was prepared from the powdered bissie (or cola nuts) mixed with rum. It is/was used for settling the stomach or pains in the belly, as well as a tonic. The pains in the belly are usually associated with food poisoning. Bissie can also be used for nerve problems. As you can see there are a variety of reasons for using this herbal supplement. But over the ages Bissie has come to serve additional herbal purposes such as the ones mentioned in the above paragraphs.

While many offer Bissie in capsules, we at Bizzie Kola sympathize with the user who finds this option difficult to swallow. As a result, we are offering this product in its purest form powder. Tea anyone?

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This site in not intended to promote or justify the use of marijuana or drugs of any kind. This site is intended to give a second chance to individual who have made a bad decision before it cost them their jobs, education and most importantly their family. Please use this site responsibly.

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