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We recently moved into a new home with some heavily damaged trees and some large dead trees. I was referred to John at Able Tree Service and set up an appointment. He did a very thorough review of my property and provided me with an action plan to get things in good order while improving the look of our yard. John and his crew are first class professionals. From strategically planning to the minute details of clean up, they don't take any short cuts.

After removing 9 trees and pruning several others, I assumed I would have a big clean up on my hands once they left. I was pleasantly surprised that my property is actually cleaner now than it was before. John also has first class equipment and from the moment they pulled into my driveway I knew I chose the right company. Thank you again to John and his fantastic crew, I would recommend him to family, friends and even my boss!--Ruel from Pickering via HomeStars

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Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing are the two most common forms of structural support for trees. They involve installing flexible cables or rigid rods to reduce the chances of failure of defective unions. Cables are installed high in the tree, at least 2/3 the distance from the defect to the crown. Rods are installed much lower, just above and/or below the defect.
REDUCE hazard potential, PREVENT failure, RESTORE your tree!

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Emerald Ash Borer

An Ash tree with severe EAB damage.
Visit our Media page for an informational video featuring owner John Van Ekeren on CTV news.

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Able Tree Service Inc.
27 Strandmore Circle
Brooklin, Ontario
L1M 0C1
Toronto: 416-283-3851
Brooklin: 905-655-8791
Fax: 905-655-5906
E-MAIL: abletree@rogers.com

Owned and Operated by
Certified Arborist
John Van Ekeren

Office Hours:
9am--4pm Mon--Fri
Open 24 hours a day on the net!

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> September 17, 2018: Welcome to fall! We're gearing up for a busy season. Call today to book your appointments for fall assessments and fall fertilizing. See the latest news for more fall news!

> June 20, 2018: It's summer!! Remember your leafy friends when the temperatures rise! Water, water, water!

Did you know you can save $$ on your a/c bill by planting trees? They naturally cool your home! The best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago---but if not.....TODAY!

> March, 2018: We're back in the office! Call today to book your spring fertilizing. Also booking estimates for every Friday and Saturday.

> November 28, 2017: Help your trees, shrubs and hedges to winter well--check out our Winter Tips! And... check out the Latest News!

> October 10, 2017: Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Fall! check out our tips to get you thru the season with happy and healthy trees and shrubs!

> June 12, 2017: Today sure feels like summer! so our SUMMER tips and SUMMER newsletter are now online!

> March 20, 2017: Welcome Spring! Our spring tips and spring newsletter are now online! check out the LATEST NEWS for more....

> September 29, 2016: Fall newsletter now online!

> September 20, 2016: Welcome FALL! Call us today to book an assessment of your trees and shrubs before the leaves and snow fall! Protect yourself, your home and your property from possible ice storm damage that's sure to come!

> June 20, 2016: It's SUMMER! check out our tips. Reminder to water water water! this drought is causing curling leaves and browning!

> April 21, 2016: Be one of the first to read our Spring newsletter! now online--even before being mailed out to our customers! Enjoy!

> March 21, 2016: Our SPRING tips are now online and have recently been mailed out to customers on our mailing list. If you'd like to be on our mailing list, just send an e-mail to the office or give us a call.

If you'd like to pre-pay for deep root fertilizing, we're taking orders now thru March 31st. Save 10-15%!!

> September 30, 2015: FALL newsletter and tips are now online

> July 9, 2015: It's here! Summer is finally here! Check out our SUMMER tips to keep your trees and shrubs thriving during the heat and humidity of a GTA summer.

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