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Cheyannah~Selene's Witches Circle...

Witches Circle

Welcome and Merry Meet!
This page is to help those new to Wicca, and especially Teenagers with the proper guidance they need on their journey down the Wiccan/Pagan Path. My web site brought a lot of E-mails from teens looking for spells, and where to buy a Pentagram. They wanted to wear the Pentagram but had no idea what it represented. And as far as spells go, I will be adding a section of spells but I would like them to learn what Magick is and how it works before playing with spells. So instead of going to a different site and getting the words and props for a spell, here you will learn how to put those words and props together to make your spell really work.

True Magick in it's self is niether black or white, neither good or bad, True Magick lies within the intent in the heart of the Witch, whether her heart is glowing with light, and filled with love. or her heart is cold and dark, filled with hatred and vengence. As in Nature, you have the gentle and you have the cruel, light and dark.