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Artistick Custom Graphic's

Web~Site Designs

I have found such an inner joy the day I started to learn how to create Web~Sites! Everything I know, I have taught myself. I am still learning everyday!
My Web~Sites stand out!
They are not the ordinary and traditional style Web~Sites. I love color & graphics! When I start a new site, it is like an artist with a empty canvas!
My Web~Sites are a work of art...
So look around and check out some of the Web~Sites I have already created, and take a look at all the different backgrounds, images and great things I have put here on this Web~Site for you to pick out what best siuts your style and reason for your Web~Site!
So Have Fun and I will work hand in hand with you until your Web~Site is just the way you LOVE it!

How To Start...

You will need three things to start! First get a pen and a note~book, you will need to right things down for easy refference when it comes time to list all you want on your order form. Then all you need is your imagination...
Everything you will need to creat a Web~Site here.
  1. Decide on the title of your Web~Site and write it down.
  2. Write a discription of your Web~Site.
  3. Then write the body of your Web~Site.
  4. Enterinto Backgrounds and choose your background, write it down.
  5. Enter into the other pages to choose other graphics such as dividers, buttons etc.

    Floral, Angelic,
    Solid & Textured...

    E~Mail, Welcome, Guest~Book,
    Back, Home, Etc.

    Lines & Bars, Extra Items for Sites...

    Here you will find some other Web~sites that we have created and designed!

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