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"25 years ago my doctor put me on antihistamines. I was half asleep all the time. I went on Intra 9 months ago. Within the first 3 days, I was able to eliminate antihistamines completely and I haven't had one since." Louis Bareau, Canada

"How can someone not be so excited when you can run a business from your own home, with products that are in extremely high demand." Jack and Colleen St. Arnaud, Canada

"I'm sleeping better. My hair is not coming out as much and it looks thicker." Lindsay Clark, Anaheim CA

"I think the part I like best about the products is the fact that the company has spared no expense in developing some of the finest products that we've ever used." Bruce Myers, USA

"I have arthristis. Within 3 days I was able to sleep on my stomach, something I had not done in about 3 years. Intra has ready done it for me. The pains are gone and I just love it!" Gary Carrier, Canada

"Because of Lifestyles products, my daughter is getting better and is now able to attend school every day. She is beginning to change into the daughter I had lost through illness. As for myself, I seem to have more energy and life is getting easier again." Janet Moore, United Kingdom

"Our confidence in the Lifestyles products started to build so we started our daughter Claire on the products as well. After coping with a serious health issue since the age of six, she is now feeling very well, thanks to products like intra." John Quigley, Ireland

"The Lifestyles Opportunity was very powerful due to the almost immediate results my family achieved on the products. I knew from Day One that as far as product quality and efficacy was concerned, we really had something big. Even today it always gives me a buzz to hear similar, great results from my customers." Colin Staplehurst, United Kingdom

"I was very skeptical but I began using the products anyway. After a few weeks I felt like I was flying! Suddenly I had so much energy. Now our entire family uses intra, Nutria, CalPlus and the delicious fibre cookies. I can't remember the last time my old health issues came up." Karsten Halvorsen, Norway

"To say that I am grateful for Lifestyles products would be an understatement. Since becoming injured in a automobile accident a few years ago, I have suffered from a variety of health problems which no traditional treatments have been able to alleviate. Then my brother told me about Lifestyles products. After two months I finally agreed to try intra and felt my energy level rise right away. Within a week I had noticed a significant difference in how I was feeling. I was shocked and elated at the same time! I have finally found a product that works and is healthy for you. I am so grateful to my brother for telling me about Lifestyles and giving me back my gift of health. I will continue taking Lifestyles products for the rest of my life!" Debbie Wilberscheid, USA

"I have always believed you get what you pay for. But when I discovered the Lifestyles Harper line of skin and hair care products, I also discovered you can get a lot more for your money. I have been using an exclusive, upscale line of skin care products for almost 20 years now because the line was the only one that worked for me. That is until I started with the Harper line. I sincerely mean it when I say that Harper products have made my skin look the best it ever has in all my years of using skin care products. I will never be without them!" Barbara Taylor, Canada

"When a friend told me about intra and how it had helped her, I decided to give it a try. Today, I'm like a new person. I feel so energetic and vibrant and I'm finally able to understand what it means to have good health. I eventually got involved in the business and am enjoying meeting new people, widening my social boundaries and making money. I am happy to have been given a chance to join this exciting 'people-helping-people' business. For anyone with a vision, desire and dedication, success is almost a sure thing with Lifestyles." Tse Mei Wan, Hong Kong

"I quit my job in research 2 years ago tomorrow. My health couldn;t take it anymore. The last 2 years I suffered from chronic sinus problems. I have suffered all my life, by my health was so low. My head felt like it was in a vice; I couldn't get up. I was on a special diet. I was taking vitamins pills and doing everything I could., but I was too depressed to get out of the door and even look for work.
I was on Intra 2 weeks and the first week I actually got sicker, because my head started to drain. One night, I stayed awake all night. I was afraid I would drown; my head started to drain.
After the first week, on the phone, my friend said 'you sound different, and you sound clearer'.
I'm just totally amazed at what this product has done for me in 3 weeks. My head's still draining. I get clearer and everyday is a new and better day for me. I'm so excited about this product. I was spending $33.00 for a cortisone nose spray that was ineffective and just burning the cells." Don McGrue, Canada

"I found that 2 to 3 weeks after starting in Intra, I had extra energy. My blood pressure dropped 15 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks." Ray Palmerlow, Canada

"The Intra works excellent. For 20 years I had arthritis. After I started taking Intra, everything is gone. I can sleep good and have no pain." Aki...Canada

"A girlfriend of mine who lives with us has terrible allergies and couldn't tolerate my cat at all. After 3 months of being on the Intra, she's playing with my cat and not having any problem with it at all. She has found a big improvement in he asthma, I can speak for the Intra as well. The circulation in my hands is tremendous. I used to have white fingers all winter long and I've noticed I'm feeling a ton better" Celeste...Vancouver, BC

"I have sufered from chronic acne on my back for many years. I am pleased to report that my skin began to heal within a few days of beginning my first course of Intra and after 3 weeks there was no trace of acne left and I feel GREAT!" Chris Pilcher, London, ENGLAND

"I flew back from Manhattan beach 6 months ago. When we were there I was sick. I was very compacted, and when we got to a certain elevation flying over Las Vegas, my head felt like it was exploding. I had serious sinus problems and I was supposed to have sinuses scraped, but I've been on the Intra product and I haven't had a problem since. And that's not all - I get up in the morning now at 6 o'clock and I feel great all the time. Before if I got out of bed prior to 9 o'clock, I couldn't function." Lyle Bailey, Salt Lake City, UT (USA)

"Intra has changed me tremendously. I had aches and pains in my knees very seriously for many years, my father and brother as well. I found after being on the Intra for 8 months I have no more pain in knees and I'm thinking of taking up skiing again." Bob McEachern, Canada

"I started taking Intra approximately 4 months ago but after only 2 weeks I noticed that I was walking up a lot faster and feeling more energized throughout the day." Mike Alexander, LONDON