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Sidewalk Stories

Our Current, Neverending Saga...

Where The Sidewalk Ends

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Part One: By San Antonio Rose

Part Two: By Sleepy Jean

Part Three: By Tippy

Part Four: By Connie

Part Five: By Desy

Part Six: By Citizen Nancy

Part Seven: By Rose

Part Eight: By Jean

Part Nine: By Tippy

Part Ten: By Desy

Part Eleven: By Nancy

Part Tweleve: By Rose

Part Thirteen: By Jean

Part Fourteen: By Tippy

Part Fifteen: By Desy

Part Sixteen: By Nancy

Part Seventeen: By Rose
(Warning: very long!)

Part Eighteen: By Jean

Part Nineteen: By Rose

Christmas on the Sidewalk
by Rose
A stand-alone story written for Christmas 2000

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