Well, I know everyone has been waiting to read this! And, as promised, we have the interview with Miss Brandy Rankin here! If you don't know who she is, shame! Miss Rankin is the young starlet who stars as the title role in The Dream Theatre Company's production of "Phantom of the Opera", by Andrew Llyod Weber. Miss Rankin not only performs the role of Phantom, but also designed costumes, helped with funds, and is the official make-up artist for The DTC (Dream Theatre Company). Here's the interview -

(The JJ is our interviewer, Jay Johnson and the BR is Brandy Rankin)

JJ - Hello, Miss Rankin.

BR - Hello.

JJ - Well, Miss Rankin---

BR - Brandy, please.

JJ - Alright, Brandy. I'm Jay Johnson from "Sandman Magazine".

BR - Yes, It's very nice to meet you, Mr. Johnson.

JJ - Well, I won't take much of your time. So, let's begin. What is it like to perform the role of Phantom?

BR - Amazing! It's so much fun and I love the magic tricks!

JJ - How do you do some of those magic tricks?

BR - I can't tell! Then there wouldn't be anymore magic!

JJ - Of course. Now, Brandy, what's it like being the first woman to perform the role of Phantom?

BR - I love it! Everyone's been really supportive and they all think it's really great!

JJ - About how many hours would you say, that you practice each day?

BR - I practice at least 3 hours everyday. But I don't go much above that because I still need a life!

JJ- Of course, it must take alot of hard work to get where you are now! How did you get the role of the Phantom?

BR - I auditioned like everyone else. But I had auditioned for Meg Giry, because I love dancing and she sings too. I heard they were looking for a Phantom, so I volunteered. They had me hold a few notes and sing a few bars... And then I had the part!

JJ - What do you do in your spare time?

BR - I love drawing! I sketch alot, and I have no life besides the hours I spend drawing, practicing, and on the computer! Wait, I still excersise! Otherwise I'd be bulging out of that costume!

JJ - It's said that you also have a novel in the works. Is that true?

BR - Very! I'll be finished sometime next year. I won't give any hints, but it's a romance. It remains untitled, still.

JJ - That's amazing! I'm very impressed. I hope you'll forgive me, but that's all the time I have! Thank you, Brandy!

BR - Anytime! Thanks for having me! Bye!

And that's it for you folks! If you'd like to reach Miss Rankin she can be found here -
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