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"Someone's sitting in the shade today
because someone planted a tree
a long time ago.."
Warren Buffett

Investment Linked Plan

Investment Discussion
INTRODUCING innovative plans is a pledge we make to you ... a pledge that we will help you meet changing needs at different stages of your life.
GREAT EASTERN LIFE starts off the new millennium with TWO supreme ALL-IN-ONE plans that meet your investment and insurance needs - Supreme GrowthLink and Supreme FlexiLink.

This is a single premium investment-linked plan. To invest, all you need is a minimum initial premium of only RM5,000. This is a flexible plan that allows you to increase your investments as often as you like. All this is balanced with your choice of insurance coverage and benefits.

For as little as RM100 a month you can reap benefits from this regular premium investment-linked plan. You can vary the regular premium or even stop paying the premium for some time. It is also very flexible and allows you to increase your investments as often as you like. Again, this is balanced with your choice of insurance coverage and benefits.

Because we give you the flexibility to choose ... because we believe that you should have choices. So, you choose where your money will be invested from a choice of THREE funds: Lion Income Fund, Lion Growth Fund and Barakah Fund*.
* Your money will be invested in Syariah approved securities. But, this is not a Takaful product.
Our team of investment managers manages all these funds. The same team is currently managing one of the largest private investment funds in Malaysia (which stands at about RM11 billion based on market value as at 31 December 1999).

Lion Income Fund comprises a fairly even mix of fixed income securities or cash and equities. It aims to achieve a balance between income and capital growth.

Lion Growth Fund invests predominantly in selected equities with a smaller proportion of fixed income securities and cash. It aims to maximize returns over medium to long term.

Barakah Fund comprises approved securities and other investments which comply with Syariah principles. It aims to achieve capital growth over the medium and long term. To ensure all investments comply with Syariah principles, we have appointed BIMB Sdn Bhd, a Syariah Consultant registered with the authorities, to advise on all Syariah matters relating to the Barakah Fund.
Since you will gain the full benefits when investment performance is good, the investment risk is solely borne by you.
This managed investment Fund , by pooling together your money with other investors, allows you to benefit from investments in a diversified portfolio.
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