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Thank you for visiting Raymond's Homepage, this page is specially dedicated to all my friends through out the world who would like to take advantage of this service by listing their E-Mail here so that their long lost friends can look for them anytime. Other than E-Mail listing you can also market yourself by telling us your Business, put up messages etc. So don't waste time and send me your Information now.

Friends Online

Favourite Site
Perry Chong PJ Chemical sales Discovery perrystc@tm.net.my Life is Short......Surf Till You Drop.........
Yee Ling PJ Stamford Student Our Daily Bread yeelingy@tm.net.my God Bless
Emily Chok PJ Skin Care Therapist Great Skin Care emily_megah@yahoo.com Hi everybody
Shirley Lee Kota Kinabalu OSK UOB Cosmopolitan shirlee@hotmail.com Nothing Yet
Wina Susanto Jakarta Secretary MTV viva_96@hotmail.com Enjoy the latest Hits
Inge Susanto Jakarta Handbag Designer Vogue ing108@hotmail.com Hello Malaysia
Fern PJ Sales Exe-GE Lighting Art fernchan@yahoo.com bEsT future
Estee PJ Skin Care Hong Kong estee88@hotmail.com Nothing for the moment
Shia Yang Sarawak IS Executive My Homepage yshia@hotmail.com Just visit my favourite Site
Agnes PJ Hotel Line Billboard bzbsb911@yahoo.com Treasure what u have for now and love your life
Enya Lim Sandakan Medical Representative No particular one enyalsc@tm.net.my All The Best
Neo Lay Ting PJ Insurance No particular one neo@skybiz.com mail Me
Carolyn Gan Subang USJ Insurance No particular one carolgan@skybiz.com Keep In Touch
Ben Ho Sri Damansara Insurance No particular one temenggor@hotmail.com Anyone fancy the great outdoors, camping, travelling, bagpack, sun, sea and beaches? Cool
Serena Lee Kota Kinabalu Architecture Architecture Works seryn78@yahoo.com Hi
Doris Chung Sabah Account Webshot clem2009@tm.net.my Nothing yet !! ??
Hazel Webber Sabah Pharmaceutical Product Specialist Ohmygoodness hazelcw@excite.com Check out the Web Site
May Teh Subang USJ Teacher No Particular mayteh@tm.net.my Get to know you
Shahzam Luckman PJ Consultant All about Sales / Marketing shahzam@sales.com Learn more about Marketing through Sales.Com
Karen Tee KL Retail Executive Free E-Mail karenthh@hotmail.com Looking for the photography acceseries, please come to look for me! Where? You can ask Raymond! Heee heeeeee.... :-)
Stephanie Ng Section 17, PJ Administration Assistant Music ngstephanie@hotmail.com Learn how to appreciate & love. God Bless You! :-)
Peik Chen PJ Research Executive Nothing Yet peikchen@yahoo.com .....
Princess Sue Sabah Senior Executive Vogue PrincesSue@hotmail.com See u in the Palace
Keith Low KL Financial Planner Malaysia Premium keith_de_low@yahoo.com Nice work there. Don't forget to visit Malaysia Premier Financial Planning Portal, and contact me for any query.

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