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"Cookie Turkeys"

Ingredients For Each Turkey You Will Need
1 1/2 Fudge Stripe cookies
1 vanilla cream drop
Vanilla icing with writing tip attached
1 piece of candy corn

Directions For Each Turkey
Lay 1 cookie flat, stripes up
Using 2 strips of icing as glue, attach 1/2 another cookie, stripes facing toward you, about 3/4 of the way to the back of the hole in the cookie (or wherever is visually best in your opinion)
The 1/2 cookie should be upright like a fan - this is the fanned out tail of the "turkey"
Again using a blob of icing as the glue, attach 1 cream drop (flat side down) over the hole in the cookie
This will be the head
Put a small amount of icing near the center of the front of the cream drop and attach 1 piece candy corn pointing out
This is the nose
Use the icing to put 2 small dots over the nose for the eyes
You can also add smaller dots of dark chocolate icing on the eyes to make them look more detailed