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Tony Schuster

349 S. Matteson Street, Bronson, Mi. 49028-1512   517-369-1130

Experience: Tier One & Two, Automotive - Interior Trim (Sun Visors)

APQP/SQA Engineer - Corporate Engineering Dept.

Currently working on several new programs. DaimlerChrysler PT-44, DR/DE, GMT-360, GMX-315, PL-41, etc. Three successful launches in the past year, also recently completed PSO for PT-44 program, continuing launch support at Toluca Mexico Assembly Plant (TAP).

Tier One Automotive. Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan, Honda - EPDM Rubber extrusion / weather seals

APQP Quality Engineer - Corporate New Product Engineering Department
November 21, 1997 - August 26th, 1999

Hired on a Contract basis to trouble shoot Extrusion Line processes and establish process controls.

Accomplishments: Statistical analysis and DOE's on processes and raw material correlation's led to the discovery of a material parameter affecting process stability and product quality. This material characteristic is now considered critical and used to determine acceptability of raw material. Lead Internal Auditor for QS-9000 internal audit prior to Registrar's surveillance audit. Led 5 person Audit Team. After completion of project was moved to opening in Corporate APQP Engineering - New Product Development

Major Customers: GM, Chrysler, Delphi brake divisions, Lear Seating, Excel Automotive, Whirlpool, G.E.
Extension and Torsion Springs, Four slide products, dual wire Hose clamps. 80% Automotive, Tier 1,2,3

Quality Assurance Manager - August 26, 1995 to November 13, 1997
GP-10 Accredited Lab Manager - Load, Tensile, Hardness, Fatigue Testing.

1996 - 70% Scrap reduction through implementation of scrap reporting and tracking system,
QS-9000 Registration, 0 PPM to GM and major downward trends in PPM's to all other customers while maintaining a "No Final Audit" - Quality at the source philosophy.
SPC training for 95% of work force. Including Management team completed.130 Level 3 PPAP's completed. Several Prototype (GP-11) submissions. Comparable numbers in 1997.

1997 - Continued 0 PPM and Major improvements in quality. Install new Larson and Carlson load testers, programming them for more efficient audits by operators and layout Technician. Install a Real Time SPC monitoring and gaging network on the shop floor in 4th Quarter. Maintain 0 PPM rejects with improvements in systems, poke-a-yoke, scrap and rework. Audit & work with material suppliers to improve incoming raw material quality.

Major Customers: Detroit Diesel, Dana Spicer Axle, Douglas Autotech, Competition Cams.

Machining: Centerless and Blanchard Grinding, Broaching, Thread Rolling, CNC Lathes and Mills, ACME Screw Machines, Assembly.
Assistant Quality Control Manager - September 1990 - August 1995
Met Lab Manager - Micro Hardness Testing, Plating Thickness, Mag Particle inspection (Level 2 certification).

Production Supervisor, Q.C. Technician, Setup, Machine operator - March 1976 - August 1989


Started in the Aluminum Die Casting Department as a machine operator, promoted to setup, then Group Leader. Transferred to Injection Molding Dept. as Group leader. Lateral Promotion to Q.C. Technician (supervisor training program) 1981. 1982 - Production supervisor of Parts finishing (deburring) improving efficiency from 50% to 100% + in first 3 months, maintaining 100% efficiency through 11/2 years in dept.

Supervisor of 2nd & 3rd shifts (30-60 personnel) all depts. machine shop, die casting, Automatic Screw Machines, Tool Room, Q.C., Maintenance, assisted with start up of CNC Machining Department.

Process Experience

Quality / Inspection:

Metrology Lab Setup, CMM's, Roundness Testing, Optical Comparators,
Mag Particle Level 3 Certification, Load Testers, Wire Tensile Testing,
Metallagraphic sample preparation, Micro Hardness Testing , Rockwell Hardness - Brinell, Micrometers, Calipers, Bore Gages, Indicators, Surface Plate Layout, LVDT's Gaging systems, Automated Data collection systems, Geometric tolerancing interpretation and gage concepts, profilometers - surface finish testing, Inspection audit sampling techniques, TQM, SPC, Poke-a-yoke, Kaizen.

QS-9000, ISO 9001/2 Certified Internal Quality systems Auditor, APQP, Supplier auditing, Supplier Development, Continuous Improvement, Problem Solving (Juran), Quality Circles Leadership, Process Trouble shooting, SPC Trainer, QS-9000 / ISO-9000 Training and Implementation, PFMEA, Control Plan, & Procedure development, JIT, MRP, CIM, Excellent People, Team building, Problem Solving Skills.

Software: (able to learn any on short notice)
MS - Word, Excel, Publisher, Lotus smartsuite, Word Perfect 5-6.1 (Correl 7.0)
HTML Publishing (Web site design) Internet access - Netscape 1.0-7.0
Gage Calibration and Recall - Pro Gage, Gage Cal, PQ systems Gage Pak and R&R
Harrington - Cost of Quality (Dos and Windows) SPC - Data Net, SPC 1-3, Mituytoyo

Aluminum / Zinc Die & Sand Casting:
250-900 Ton Machines

Machine Setup, process and die trouble shooting, die maintenance, Vibro Deburring,
Chromate conversion coating line, precision sanding processes (Flatness within .001")

Injection Molding:
50-650 Ton Machines

Mold repair and maintenance, machine setup and trouble shooting,
compression molding, rubber extrusion and materials testing.

Machining (Ferrous and Non ferrous materials):
Tool Room Equipment, CNC Programing,
Drill, Tap, CNC Lathes, CNC Machining centers
Automatic Screw machines: ACME 6 spindles, Davenport 5 spindles, Index B-60 & C29's Browne and Sharp single spindles. Vertical and Horizontal Broaching, Thread Rolling, Gear cutting / Hobbing,
Centerless Grinding, Between Center Grinding, Blanchard Grinding,
Light Stamping / Forming - Four Slide and Multislides, Wire forming, Spring making

Parts Finishing:

Deburring - manual, Roto Finish-Ball Burnishing, Ceramic Vibratory, Electro-chemical, Thermal.
Flat Lapping (within 0-3 light bands)Vapor Degreasing, Dip and Spin Paint systems, Electro Plating, Anodizing, Phosphate Coatings, Thermal setting resin - aluminum casting impregnation system
Silicone application on Rubber extrusion - wipe, spray, robotic.
Assembly - Line, sub-assemblies, service kit building , complete air cylinder assembly.
Cryogenic / Heat Shrink fits, Presses

Additional: Michigan State Certified- Fire Fighter I & II, EMT