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Feng Shui Tips:

Very Good News Regarding Feng Shui!

I can’t believe how well the Feng Shui is working for me. If you have read the “Move Your Stuff” book, then you know what the little silver box is for, and what it can do for you.

Last time I told you my daughter and my sister had made themselves a little silver box and put it in their “Helpful People” area of their houses. After clearing the clutter in this area, my daughter put her 3 requests in her box.

She immediately began getting help with her finances (one of her requests). And she just got the car she asked for, a few days ago. I believe she intends to leave the request for help with her finances in the box, but I don’t know what she replaced the requests for the car with. Remember, after your request is granted, you remove it from the box, and replace it with another request if you want to.

My sister had placed her 3 requests in her box. She did not tell me what her requests were. I’m not sure, but I think it works better if you don’t tell anybody what your requests are. My daughter called me a few days after my sister put her requests in her box. She said, “Mom”, did Tam tell you what happened?”. I said “no”.

Apparently my sister had requested she find a job (she was out of work after just completing training at a medical assistant school and doing her externship). Within a few days after putting her request for a job in the box, she was called out of the blue, by a nursing home with which she had placed an application for the position a year ago. They called her and wanted to give her an interview. Now is that fast or what? Remember, the requests are usually granted between 3 days and 3 weeks, but could take a little longer)

My own story is even more amazing. I am a total believer in the power of Feng Shui now. I know I have put at least a dozen, if not more requests in my little silver box, and I have gotten ALL of my requests granted (even the stubborn one I mentioned before). Now my little silver box is EMPTY! I usually replace my requests with another, after they are granted, and so my box usually has between one and 3 request in it at any given time. But I just have not gotten around to putting anymore in there yet. It’s not that I don’t need anything else. It’s just that I wanted to sit down and think about what I want now.

I want to give you a some examples of what I have asked for and received. One of the first things I asked for was help with my bills. When I put that request in, I started getting money from unexpected places. One example is, I started receiving $5 bills in the mail, from a “Gifting Program” I joined about a year ago. I just knew the program was a bust when I joined, because I only got a few $5 bills back then. So, you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I got the $5 bills in the mail after maiking my request.

I wanted my daughter to see the money so she could see for herself how Feng Shui worked. So I did not spend it until I showed her the money and the notes that came with it from people requesting that I add them to my mailing list. Other things happened to help me with my bills, but that was the most unusual.

One of the next things I asked for was a car. But I did not just ask for a car, I wanted a specific person to buy me a car in - My Name. Now, if you knew this person, you would say “No Way” is that request going to be granted. Then you also might say, “well there is a slim chance this person may buy her a car, but she is asking for miracles if she thinks this person is going to put the car in her name”. And my family knows this person well, and they would have wagered me $1,000 that this person will not put the car in my name. But I did not tell my family about my request. I just said to myself, I would put this Feng Shui stuff to the ultimate test.

Within a week, not only did this person buy me a car - but Put It In My Name! I was even shocked, because for one thing, I did not ask the person to put the car in my name, I would have been grateful just having a car, since my other car had died and I was traveling everywhere on the bus. Yes, I was in shock, and so was my family. But, this was another testimony to the Feng Shui.

Another problem I was having was with my plumbing. I rent an upstairs unit in my aunt’s home (who lives in the downstairs unit). She is a retired elderly lady, and she has no money to make repairs on the house (the house is morgaged to the hilt). We have been plagued with plumbing problems for over a year now. In my unit was 3 leaks. My toilet, bathtub and kitchen sink. My aunt had plumbers come out 3 times to fix the leaks, and she paid them. But when all was said and done, the leaks quickly returned. One time, the tub was still leaking when the plumber got done.

Needless to say, my aunt did not use those plumbers again, but they supposidly were good plumbers (she used them in the past with success). I was really concerned because, in Feng Shui, leaks are very detrimental to your finances. Leaks (of any kind) in your home represent your money leaking back out of your house. So, practically any Feng Shui book will tell you to get your leaks fixed right away, if you want to stop your money from leaking back out. You could be using Feng Shui to bring money into your household, but your leaks can cause it to slip through your fingers almost as fast as you bring it in.

So, it was rather depressing to me that we could not get the leaks fixed. Then a thought came to me. Why don’t I put the request for my leaks to get fixed in the little silver box. DUH… Now this is one of the times I really had doubts. If by some miracle we were able to drum up the money to pay a plumber, who’s to say they will be able to fix the problem after 3 plumbers before failed. But, I said to myself, I’m not going to worry about that. I will let the Universe handle it. The Universe has been doing such a good job so far. In other words, I had to “Let Go, And Let God”

So, I put the request in the little silver box. But I did not want to take any chances, so I made 3 more little silver boxes and put a total of four of the same request (one in each of the in 4 boxes). I placed one box in the “Helpful People” area of the home, and the other 3 in the “Helpful People” area of 3 other rooms in the home.

Mind you, Feng Shui cures and enhancements work, whether they are exposed or hidden. All 4 of my boxes are hidden, so as not to be disturbed by anyone else. It’s important for the boxes not to be disturbed. These extra boxes were my way of “Pumping Up the Feng Shui”. There are all kinds of ways to “Pump Up the Feng Shui”, as you will see throughout the “Move Your Stuff” book.

We knew of one plumber, a long time friend of the family (for over 40 years), but we had lost touch with him and nobody had his phone number or knew where he lived now. But guess what? After putting my requests in my little silver boxes, my mother runs into him in a grocery store, after not seeing him for I don’t know how many years. She chats with him briefly, and he asked her to give me his new phone number.

Do I have to tell you what happened? Ok, I’ll tell you. He Fixed All Of My Leaks Perfectly, and it did not cost me an arm and a leg. He worked 6 hours on my plumbing, and only charged me a fraction of what it would have cost otherwise (him being a long time friend of the family really helped). And yes, money to pay him did come in at exactly the right time. My family was surprised when I told them after the fact, that I had put the requests for my leaks to get fixed in the silver boxes. If I would have know that’s all I had to do, I would have done it a long time ago.

Like I said, I have put numerous requests in my silver box, and they ALL have been granted. I will never doubt Feng Shui again. If you want to get your life working, you need to first of all, clear your clutter, then place Feng Shui cures and enhancements where needed. But for your immediate financial needs, you need to load up your “Family” area with the color black. Anything black, accept metal. Metal is bad for the ‘Family” area. If you have metal in that area, and you can’t or don’t want to move it, use the Feng Shui cure “the destructive cycle”, to counter or balance the metal, by using the color red. Red represents fire which melts metal.

And having a positive attitude does help speed along your requests. I found this out first hand. Just place your order with the Universe and know that it will be taken care of. Place your order and let the Universe do its job, and don’t worry about HOW it’s going to do it. Believing it will happen will help speed things along, so being positive about it is helpful, but not absolutely necessary. A lot of Feng Shui believers started out as skeptics (until they proved it to themselves that it works!)

Make your little silver box if you can’t find one. All of us took regular boxes and put aluminum foil around them (which represents silver metal. Silver and metal are the color and element for the “Helpful People” area of your home and all rooms within the home). You really must read the “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life” book to know what all this means. The book is so easy to read and so light hearted, that even children will enjoy reading it.

Feng Shui was designed by God to make the lives of the people on this planet easier. But it can’t work for you if you don’t use it. I for one have been having a terrible time with my clutter. I have been a clutter-holic since I can remember. I hate getting rid of anything. I always think I might be able to use it later. I accumulate “STUFF”, and it is this stuff, that has been blocking the good “Chi” from flowing in my life.

It has been over a year since I discovered Feng Shui, and don’t you know I am STILL clearing my clutter. When I moved into this upstairs unit, I moved in with my mother. She had lived here a few years prior to my moving in. This entire house has been a family house (4 floors of living space), which many members of our faily (including aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, neices, nephews, you name it), have transitioned through throughout the 40+ years of my aunt owning the home.

In this upstairs unit before I moved in, there was a cousin and my sister staying with my mom. They both moved out before I moved in, but they didn’t take all of their stuff. My son moved in with me, but has since moved out, and he didn’t take all of his stuff. My mother moved out, and now I’m alone up here, but she had more stuff than everybody put together. And guess what? She left most of it here.

So, basically I moved into an already furnished unit, and I brought a lot of stuff with me, so my stuff is stored in the basement. We have a lot of storage and cabinet space here, and all of it was filled with other poeple’s and my stuff. This translates into a major clutter problem. As mentioned before, my bedroom was a major clutter zone (with mostly paper and book clutter). It has been a year and I still have not cleared all the clutter from my bedroom. I cleaned out my closets last year, but they are back cluttered again.

I really have been cracking down and working on this clutter in the past few weeks. Every garbage day, I have been determined to throw out a lot of stuff. I have several areas still to work on, but I am progressing. I am not the only person that has this problem. This is common among many people. It’s just that people have different amounts and kinds of clutter.

Some people don’t realize that many things they call themselves “Collecting” is clutter. Stuff that is not being used is clutter. Many so called “Heirlooms is clutter. Stuff stored in garages, basements and attics that have not been used in years, is clutter. Old shoes and clothes that are not being worn is clutter. Momentos and keepsakes from childhood and your adult children’s childhood is clutter. If you don’t get rid of old stuff that’s not being used, you make no room for new stuff to come into your life.

If you think you have difficulty in identifying and/or clearing your clutter, the I recommend you get and read the book called: “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui”, by: Karen Kingston. It will show you how clutter is disrupting the flow of “Chi” in your life, and may very well be disrupting your life, without you even knowing it. It can be affecting your health, your family, your finances, your marriage or relationship, your children, your relationship with others, your thinking, your career, and just about all areas of your life.

Even “HIDDEN” clutter will affect you. When you walked into my home, you did not see a mess. It was neat. But what you didn’t see was the “hidded” clutter. Stuff that people left here, was put away in drawers, cabinets and closets. I have since cleared a lot of that out. But I’m telling you right now - “Hidden Clutter Counts!”. Just like you can hide your Feng Shui cures and enhancements and they will still work, you can hide your clutter and it will still negatively affect you. “Chi” (Life Force Energy) moves through solid objects, unless blocked by something.

So, by reading about and understanding the Feng Shui principles and how they work, you will be able to determine what makes the Good Chi flow when and where you want it to flow, and what stops (blocks) the bad chi from flowing in your life. The “Move Your Stuff” book may be all you need to teach you this. But if you are having trouble or think you may have trouble with your clutter like me, then you definitely need to also get the “Clear Your Clutter” book. These 2 books can literally be life changing (and at times, life saving). This is why God gave us the Miracle of Feng Shui.

One last thing I want to point out. You can begin to change your life, even before you have a chance to clear all your clutter. You just have to pump up the Feng Shui in other areas, while continuing to clear your clutter. Do like I did, load the Family area with black, load the “Wealth and Propserity” area with purple, and put your requests for your immediate needs in a little silver box. Longer term requests go in a large silver envelope which you place in the “Helpful People” area. You’ll have to read “Move Your Stuff” for this. I have to stop wrap this up, because, as you can see, I can go on forever about this subject. Just know that the large silver envelopes are for longer term requests, like contracts, and homes and such.

If I would have waited until I cleared all my clutter first before making any requests, I still would have all the rpoblems that the little silver box has already taken care of. So, you don’t have to clear ALL your clutter first, but keep working on it, and clear it as fast as you can. Don’t take a year or more like I have. I have no doubt that once I clear my clutter, my wealth is going to increase dramatically.

I really have pumped up the Feng Shui in my “Wealth and Prosperity area of my home. It is beautiful. Only the purple items are hidden, but all of the rest of the beautiful Feng Shui enhancements are proudly displayed. I’ve jazzed up the Wealth area of my bedroom too, but noting is hidden here (not even the purple items).

I know that once I complete the clearing of my clutter, that anything I touch will turn to gold. The clutter will no longer be blocking my Wealth and Propserity, and the enhancments that I already have in place in that area will kick into high gear. I already see it happening now, slowly with “Instant Millionaire”. If all of us involved in Instant Millionaire jump on the Feng Shui band wagon, there will be no telling how many millions we all will be making. So, I encourage anyone who wants to succeed in Instant Millionaire, or anything else, and everyone who wants their life to start working, to learn about and practice Feng Shui as soon as possible.

Remember, it does not matter what your spiritual beliefs are. The science of Feng shui was brought to us by God, a gift for ALL of his children to use. This has nothing to do with religion, but is a very spiritual thing - and It Works For Everybody, whether you believe in God or not, whether you love God or not. God loves you UNCONDITIONALLY, no matter who you are or how you feel. This gift is for you no matter who you are. Happiness, Joy and Abundance are your God Given rights. And Feng Shui is one of the easiest ways to achieve all of this and more.

The flow or “Chi” or lack thereof, governs your life, whether you believe in it or not. So it does not matter what you think about Feng Shui. It is in your hands if you want your life to work or not. You have the power now. Use it! For your sake and for the sake of your family and all your relationships (business and personal). If you ignore this, then do not blame anybody but yourself if your life never works or if you are never really successful at anything.

And if you care about your family at all, you will get each of them a copy of the “Move Your Stuff” book. And if they have a real problem with clutter, also get them a copy of the “Clear Your Clutter” book. Give them a brief explanation, and let them go from their. If you want to, print out all I have written here about Feng Shui, to help them to understand why you are giving them the book(s). They may later thank you over and over again.

Don’t forget to post your success stories to the message board so I can display testimonials from others beside myself and my family.

May God Bless You and Yours.

Until next time,


"Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life"

"Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui"