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OMNICON Environmental Management
Summary of Services
Environmental Site Assessments: Phase 1and 2 pre-transactional investigations to determine if real estate has been, or is at risk for,
impact by environmental contaminants. Our assessments are performed by individuals who meet the qualification requirements of
the new USEPA "All Appropriate Inquiries" (AAI) regulations, and meet or exceed the specifications of both ASTM and AAI standards.
Contamination Assessments: Investigations to confirm the presence, and delineate the magnitude and extent of, environmental
Site Remediation: Cleanup of environmental contamination using excavation and disposal, engineered systems, and biological
degradation methodologies.
Site Closure: Preparation of final reports documenting all investigative and remediation activities conducted, pursuant to obtaining a
letter of "no further action" from the regulatory agency of jurisdiction
Hazardous Waste Management: Characterization of wastes and wastestreams, and development of waste management programs.
Compliance Audits: Evaluation of current level of compliance with applicable environmental and occupational health (OSHA)
regulations, and hazardous materials-related fire codes.
Stormwater and Wastewater Discharge: Permitting, best management practices program development, pollution control plan
preparation, water sampling and analysis.
Indoor Air Quality Investigations: Evaluation and testing to determine source of air quality problems, and practical solutions
(includes testing for mold; conducted by an industrial hygienist / microbiologist).
Expert Witness Services
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