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MFI Construction Co. Clearing, Excavating, Demolition, Grading

Do you want the best in Construction, Clearing, Excavation, & Demolition?

MFI Construction is the company to take care of all your dirt work with our reliable-experienced operators, with their fine-grading within two tenths or your specs.

We put pride in all our work. We are fast and extremely careful.

An example of services we provide...

Machine Rental with Operator 8 Hrs min.

Clearing/Excavating Commercial/Residential Properties

Driveways, Basements, Sediment Control such as Ponds & Berms

Stripping of Topsoil, Parking Lots, Bulk Trash Removal
Concrete Removal, Cut & Fill

Backfillng-Interior/Exterior Buldings

Fine Grading Interior Buildings For Stone

Spreading Stone/Finish Stone For Concrete Flooring

Removal Of Mud From Interior Commercial Buildings

We always have a machine and operator available for rental

We have a variety of loaders & track-hoes for your needs

Please feel free to email us for appointments, estimates, or questions.

Call Today! (301) 891-4688

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