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July 7, 2000 I added about 3 more layouts, one is a different kind of doll, one is veggie tales, etc. The veggie tales layout I had on my other site (sarahz world) But go check em out and remember to sign the guestbook!

June 23, 2000 I added another layout, it says "barbie" on it, but it isn't cutesie, but its pretty cool! I like it! I need to get another layout on this page, but I'm trying to update 2 pages, make another one, and maybe move one of my pages to another server, so I'm kinda behind lol sry!

June 8, 2000 I'm out of school and working on more layouts, probably 2 or 3 done today, getting far behind on my webpages, I'll catch up soon!

May 20, 2000 Still busy w/ a ton of stuff, but got my old layout up plus a layout for guys!

May 18, 2000 Haven't gotten anymore stuff, I've been really lazy lately, going on vacation, have A LOTTT to do before school is out... probably nuttin new before June 2nd... Sorry!

May 12, 2000 Just started, have 18 layouts I made, plus others.. more soon!