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K.M.LEISURE is an award winning company that teaches the young and the not so young to swim.
Established in 1986, we have taught thousands of people to swim, from those with special needs to even members of the police force, the army and navy, in fact from all walks of life.
As the first independent company in the Northwest we have led the way in private swimming tuition. Our success rate is second to none – we have changed some people’s lives forever.

The staff at K.M.LEISURE is prepared for the variety of needs of our clientele and provide a friendly, caring and understanding service and are always available to offer advice.

With the full backing of the Amateur Swimming Association and sponsored by Kellogg’s, we offer a wide and varied awards scheme, ranging from beginner level to 5000 miles, diving, personal survival, life saving and much more.

For the adult learner we teach on a one-to-one basis. We will not teach group lessons because experience has shown us that this is the best way to learn. Ninety-nine percent of adults who are unable to swim have a perfectly understandable reason for this. Our instructors will listen and take this into account as they help you into the water, staying with you every stroke of the way, easing your fears.

Sponsored swim raised 2,000 pounds for guide dogs for the blind
Children, however, thrive on competition and we offer them a place in a group with a maximum of ten. We start them as early as age two and a half. There are varied classes for different ages and abilities, but for the more timid child or the option of one-to-one lessons is available. This can be a helping hand to overcome a particular obstacle. 

K.M.LEISURE has an excellent team of friendly, qualified instructors with a variety of knowledge, experience and personality to suit everyone’s needs.

We hold swimming lessons continuously. Class lessons are paid for in advance (up to ten weeks) and private one-to-one lessons can be booked individually or in blocks of five. Please note that one-to-one lessons are by appointment only.

We are currently offering lessons in the following locations;

Broad Green, serving the Liverpool area on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Edge Hill, Ormskirk  serving the West Lancashire area on Saturday Mornings and Monday Evening.

Tarleton, serving the Southport and Preston area on Monday evening.

If you are a qualified swimming instructor we have employment opportunites. Please call either of our contact numbers or send us an e-mail.

01704 896592 (OFFICE)
0831 443682 (MOBILE)
 page last updated August 2nd 2000