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How To Sell On eBay
eBay Selling Secrets
The Easy Way To Make Money From Home Revealed!

The only legitimate business you can start with ZERO dollars!
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How To Sell On eBay--eBay Selling Secrets

Every day is Casual Friday when you work from home:

You've probably thought about starting your very own home business, quitting your job, and starting to live your dreams.

But you didn't think you could afford the start up costs, and you didn't know where or how to begin.
How To Sell On eBay will show you how to get started with virtually no money!


I'm Marty Leaventon, and I've been working from home most of my life. I started advertising on the 'net from before there was an internet (Compuserve classified ads, with a 286 computer running DOS3.30 and a 1,200 modem -- anyone remember that?!)

I just wish I'd found information like this five years ago, it would have made my life so much easier.

If you'll let me, I'm going to send you ebooks that will get you started on your online business career THIS WEEK.

There are two things you need to understand:

1. This is NOT a scam, you can really create income from home and collect 100% profit by selling one or all of the ebooks you'll get, or by selling many other items on eBay. (I didn't know anything about selling on eBay before I got this information, and seven days later I was making money just about every day! :)

2. It's not as easy as falling off a log, as many ads will try and convince you--you do need to put some work and study into it. Some honest work can produce a handsome income.

Now take a few minutes and discover the life changing information that you can have today. It's time to re-discover your dreams of a better life!

Be well and happy,
Marty Leaventon

P.S.--Don't forget, you get full resale rights to all the materials, so every time you sell them, you make 100% profit!

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The 3-Day "Fast-Cash" Formula

How a new internet marketer made $600 his first month on eBay! The basic system that creates wealth from eBay auctions.

This one ebook alone is worth the price of admission!

You'll learn how to create an eBay business in three easy steps.

PLUS step by step illustrations on how to fill out eBay auction forms.

PLUS an extremely valuable list of DROP SHIP SUPPLIERS!

Special note about this package: You are free to use any of the source code or sales copy from the original web-site for this ebook product:

In just a moment I am going to explain EXACTLY how this 'Fast Cash' system works and tell you EXACTLY how you can make money in your first week without taking a dime out of your own pocket.

But before I reveal this amazing system, you need to keep in mind that not one ebook or report on the subject has gotten close to the easy to follow, step by step, hand holding way that I've approached the teaching of this system.

So what is this wonder system?

Imagine this...

  • You place ads for a product but you don't pay for the ads at the outset..

  • Next you sell products to your customers and they send you payment in full.

  • Only after you have collected payment do you pay for the goods and have them shipped.

  • After you've banked your profits you pay for the ads you placed.

Sound too good to be true?

It's not.

First of all this incredible 40+ page report reveals Internet based drop shippers who do not require you to have a Tax ID, business license or any of that usual red-tape paperwork. These companies not only allow you to sell products and have them shipped to your customers without anyone knowing they didn't come from you, but they also, in most cases give you photo's and some sales information about each product.

There are no wholesalers on this list who insist you first take inventory and place minimum order requirements on you. And the suppliers we list sell a wide range of products. If you never followed this plan and merely used these drop shippers to buy products for yourself at wholesale prices, this low-cost report would pay for itself in no time! But believe me, this system is so easy that you're bound to go for the business aspect and rake in some money.

Next we reveal the REAL insider secrets to making these products available on Ebay and even on a web site if you choose to go that route.

Other so called 'Ebay Reports' are just a few pages of theory and even those that have some good ideas summarize it into a few paragraphs and unless your a marketing genius you don't stand a chance of making it pay off.

In this step by step guide you will see:

  • How to create a fantastic looking ad/auction listing using FREE software.

  • How to come up with a title to get your listing noticed and get people to buy.

  • What days of the week its best to list your item (yes it makes a difference).

  • Which Ebay features are worth the money and which ones aren't.

  • How to get your listing seen without paying for highlighting, bold and other expensive features.

  • How to virtually GUARANTEE people remember to leave you feedback (no matter how good your service is buyers forget - here is how to get 98% of customers to remember to leave you POSITIVE feedback)

  • The importance of testing and how to do it so you don't end up out of pocket.

  • How to legitimately list your item in a category where there will be demand.

  • What time of day should you list items? Does it make a difference? You bet it does - and the difference can be HUGE. The heads up is right here.

  • How to sell product without being the cheapest and without starting a price war.

  • Dozens of insider tips and tricks - the secrets of the power sellers unleashed!

And that's just the things that are relevant to Ebay! This report details a lot more than just selling on Ebay for a profit.

Profiting from standard E-bay listings is just the start. This report goes on to reveal extra profit making ideas and advanced profit boosters.

We're just getting started--
Now scroll down to see eBay Extreme and its



How To Sell On eBay with Ebay Extreme

Create Your Fortune with
Online Auctions!

If you are ready to create your fortune selling on eBay and other online auctions, you need eBay Extreme 4.0!

Dear Future Auction Seller:

If you are ready to start selling at online auctions, then prepare yourself for...

...eBay Extreme v4.0!

To sell successfully on any online auction, you need two things.

1. Detailed information on how the auction pros do it.
High quality products to sell.

And you guessed it, eBay Extreme provides both!

From the second you purchase eBay Extreme, you will gain vast knowledge from some of the Internets most respected auction sellers & authors AND you will receive complete resell rights to eBay Extreme as a whole & many of the eBooks located inside separately!

That's right, with your purchase you get to sell this exact high quality offer complete with website!

Below is a list of the high-quality eBooks you will receive with eBay Extreme Package. Ready for you to learn and profit from!

Resale Rights!

Jim Wilson's eBay Secrets!

How does the thought of turning 30 cents into $50 (or even much more) in seven days or less sound to you? Perhaps it sounds ridiculous or even impossible. But it has in fact already been done many, many times -- and much more easily than you may think.

Retail Value: $14.95

Resale Rights!

Secret eBay Marketing

Are you currently making thousands in monthly profits from eBay, with just an hour of work a day? If you're not -- how would you like to? It's easier than you think ...

Retail Value: $19.95

Resale Rights!

Auction Explosion

In Action Explosion you will discover simple steps you can use to get bids even when bidding is bad!

Also comes with a brandable eBook that you can give away to promote Auction Explosion!

Retail Value: $17.00

Resale Rights!

101 Auction Secrets Revealed

Discover secrets for increasing your auction sales, customers, traffic and much more!

Retail Value: $14.95

Resale Rights!

Auction Prophet
In this ebook you will learn the tips & tricks you need to be a success in the online auction game!
You will learn:
  • Best times to post auctions!
  • Secrets of feedback!
  • How to spot suspicious sellers!
  • Super power searching!
  • How to bid like a pro!
  • Much much more!
This ebook appeals to buyers and sellers! If you dont know everything about auctions you soon will with Auction Prophet!

Retail Value: $24.95

Give Away Rights!

eBay Secrets

Learn what no one else will ever tell you about making money on the webs most popular trading site!

Twelve chapters in all!

Give Away Rights!

How to Increase Auction Profits

Learn over 100 tips to increase your auction profits! This is a must have for anyone wanting to make serious money in online auctions!

Resale Rights!

Using NLP On eBay
NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a form of hypnosis based on hidden, subliminally persuasive language patterns spoken or written. NLP is used to indirectly, secretively persuade, sway, and also control ones subconscious mind and decision-making process without them ever knowing it.

Retail Value: $34.99

If you purchased all the titles individually you would spend over $130 and would have to spend hours learning what it really takes to increase make money online!

Remember, with your purchase you not only gain a higher knowledge about selling on eBay and other auction sites but you also get resale rights to this package and many of the items individually!

If your ORDER NOW, you will also receive LIFETIME UPDATES!

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P.S. If you order now, you will be guaranteed to also receive the following titles!

  • eBay Tips - Learn seven of the best tips about eBay! Give Away Rights!
  • eBay Reports - Discover the tips, tricks and secrects the pro's use! Retail Value: $9.95
  • Automatic Money Machine - Learn how insider secrets to successful eBay trading! Give Away Rights!
  • Antique Buyers Guide - Learn how you can start profiting from antiques! Retail Value - $19.95!
  • Everything eBay - This eBook covers everthing you could ever want to know about eBay! Retail Value - $19.95!
  • Automated eBay Sales - Learn how to sell more and automate your sales on eBay! Retail Value - $7.00!
  • How to Create an Automated eBay Money Machine - Learn how to easily you can create an automated income on eBay! Retail Value - $17.00!

With the above titles, this brings the value of eBay Extreme Packge to nearly $200.00!

P.P.S. Remember you get full resell rights and lifetime updates when you order. You get the product and ready-to-go website! Just plug in your information, upload it to your web site and start making sales. You keep the money!


97 eBay Success secrets
How You Can Create A Fulltime Income Selling On eBay
Auction Sources Big Book
Auction Software
Auction Tid Bits
Easy Auctions
eBay Drop Ship Profits
Secrets of the eBay Power Sellers

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You'll also get a copy of this product description to use on eBay. Just plug in your name and any personalized information you'd like to include, and you're ready to sell on eBay!

You won't even have to post all the ebook files to a webhost, you can send all your customers to our fulfillment site if you want to.

It doesn't get any easier than that!

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FREE Animated Banners you can custom make for your ads and websites

FREE Autoresponders, the best available with up to 68% higher delivery rate

FREE -- Instructions on how to get started fast selling on eBay if you've never sold before

Don't Hesitate To Buy! I don't recommend something unless I believe it's a great value!

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