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W E L C O M E !

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome You 
on my Web Page. My name is Jaka Licen, successful 
home business entrepreneur since 1999. Many people 
dream of making money with a work at home business, 
while others make it happen! Work at home business 
opportunities are sprouting up everywhere, especially 
online. If You're like most Internet users, your email 
inbox is bombarded with get-rich-quick schemes. 
Most of us delete them without so much as a quick 
glance. Yet deep down, I think, we all know that
amongst the junk, there has to be a few jewels.After 
all, the Internet is a multi-billion dollar marketplace, 
soon to be multi-TRILLION!. There's got to be
SOMEBODY, who's developed a legitimate opportunity
for cashing in on the Internet revolution? There is! 
But, You've probably missed it, because unlike 
the get-rich-now hawkers, this company detests 
hype. Yet, ironically, their growth is unprecedented..

This Web Page was created as an internet home business resource, for those who are serious about starting 
a successful home business. With so many work at 
home opportunities out there, it is important to 
find one that's right for You. Take a little time and 
do some research, before signing up with any 
work at home business program!

Here are a few suggestions to start with:

1. How long has the home business program
been in existence?
2. What kind of organizational structure
home business exists?
3. How much start up money is needed?
4. What kinds of training and support
are available in this home business?
5. What kind of compensation plan 
can I expect?

My criteria for choosing a Home Business:

1. Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme! Legal - 
Proven - Stable Company! Member of BBB!
2. Real products and services that people 
will want to purchase!
3. No or Low-cost Start up investment 
for  running Home Based Business!
4. Free Support And Training; No extra Experience Necessary!
5. On-time commission checks!


One Home Business Towers Above The Rest!

OVER 8 MILLION Entrepreneurs from more 
than 200 countries can't be wrong! We Are 
Serving Entrepreneurs since 1985! The Six 
Figure Income Marketing program is the 
#1 Home Based Internet Business! Carson 
Services, Inc., SFI's parent company is a 
proud member of the BBB - Better Business 
Bureau serving Southern Nebraska, USA.




Nature of Home Business: Carson Services Inc. does business as Veriuni & Six Figure Income 
Marketing Group Inc. or SFI Marketing Group Inc. They write, publish and sell informational 
products and services for home based businesses and network marketers. The company 
also offers an Affiliate Program. Affiliates may sign up at no cost to market products and 
services on a commission basis. Overrides can be earned by achieving higher ranks Many 
SFI Affiliates do nothing more than simply referring people to their's SFI Web Sites, that's 
how thay can create an extra income stream of hundreds or even thousands of dollars a 
month, when someone purchase any of over 1 MILLION products and services! Carson 
Services Inc. and S F I are serving home business entrepreneurs since 1985! And based 
on BBB files, company has a satisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau! 

About me: My name is Jaka Licen. Please email me at if You have any 
questions. Please make sure it is a legitimate work at home business question. Hotmail 
has a great Spam blocker! I have been involved with Internet work at home business 
for over 3 years. And now I work at home full-time. The work at home resource 
provided on this web site is the exact work at home resource that I use daily 
to succeed online. This is not "get rich quick" business!  It is legitimate home 
business opportunity! And as with any business, it takes an investment of time and 
money to succeed. The advantage to online business is that the investment of money 
is significantly less than any other type of business. Well, I'm investing less than two 
dollar's per day for learning, running and advertising my own Home Based Business. 
And most important, You'll need somebody to teach You how to succeed online. I 
would love to teach You how to succeed online with your own work at home based 
business. Just Sign up Now ! Join my Team and i will contact You!




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