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The Progeny of Thomas Yerby Sr.
Thomas Yerby Sr. m. Ann Carter
known children: George Yerby, Thomas Yerby, John Yerby*

John Yerby m. Catherine Stamps
known children: William Yerby*, John Yerby, Elizabeth, Joanna, Sara

William Yerby m. Frances Mctyre
known children: Everett Yerby*, William, Loddy, Robert, Elizabeth, Caty, Betty, James, Stephen

Everett Yerby m. Sara McMillan
known children: Hogan Yerby*,Amon Yerby, John T., Frances, James, Nancy, Sarah

Hogan Yerby m. Sara Elizabeth George
known children: Frances M. Yerby*, Seaborne, John S., Luellen C. , Isaac S., James, Newton, Margaret, Saraepta, William Inge

Francis M. Yerby m. Lida Ann Walden
known children: Sara Elizabeth*, Jasper Newton, Monica, Allice, Ressie, Rippie, Nora, Minnie

Sara Elizabeth Yerby m. Thomas Wingfield Hamner
known children: Carrie*, Media, Manly, Elizabeth, Lily, Savannah, Jenny, Jim, Ludie

Carrie Hamner m. Allen Turner "Boss" Glenn
known children: Thomas Wingfield, John James Winfield, Susan Layona Alameda, Sidney Franklin, Willard, Mary Elizabeth, Allen Turner Jr.*, Agnes Virginia, Vera

Allen Turner Glenn Jr. m. Rebecca Hall Freeman
known children: Iris Dale*,

More Family Information

Thomas Yerby
Born: ca 1665
Died: 13 Mar. 1716 in Lancaster Co, Va. at age 50
Married: Ann Carter
Children: George, Thomas, John

John Yerby
Born: ca 1697
Died: April 1745
Married: Katherine Stamps
Children: William, John, Elizabeth, Joanna, Sara

William Yerby
   Born: ABT 1725 in Lancaster County, Virginia
Married: 17 Apr 1753 in Lancaster
County, Virginia
    Died: 20 Apr 1786 in Lancaster County, Virginia
 Father: John Yerby
 Mother: Katherine Stamps
   Wife: Frances Margaret McTyre

Children of William and Frances Yerby
   Name: Everette Yerby
   Born: 13 Dec 1762 in Lancaster County, Virginia
Died: 1823 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
Born: 13 Dec 1762 in Lancaster County, Virginia
    Died: 1823 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
 Father: William Yerby
 Mother: Frances Margaret McTyre
   Wife: Sarah McMillion
   Born: 15 Dec 1766
    Died: ?
 Father: James McMillian
 Mother: Rachel ??

Children of Everett and Sara Yerby
   Name: Mary Louise Yerby
   Born: 1791 in Mecklenberg County, North Carolina
Married: Aug 1807 in Bedford County, Tennessee
   Died: May 1823 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
Spouses: Absalom Deason

   Name: Elizabeth Yerby
  Born: ABT 1793 in North Carolina
   Died: ABT 1849 in Newtonville, Fayette, Alabama
Spouses: William Shephard

   Name: John Yerby
   Born: 13 Jan 1796 in North Carolina
   Died: 1 Aug 1873 in Prescott, Nevada, Arkansas
Spouses: Mary Catherine Freeman

   Name: Amon E. Yerby
*see more on Amon at bottom of page
   Born: ca 1789 Mecklinburg NC
   Died: ABT 1861
Spouses: Rachel Dodson
known children: Tabitha Helene Octavia, James Franklin, William J., Jemima, Sarah, Jasper Newton, John R., Mary Virginia, Lucy, Martha, Alexander F.

Name: James E. Yerby
Spouses: Rachel Pierce

Name: Frances Yerby

Name: William Yerby

Name: Nancy Yerby
Name: Sarah Yerby
Husband: Hogan Yerby
   Born: 18 Jan 1803 in North Carolina
Married: in Fayette County, Alabama
    Died: 14 Nov 1895 in Fayette County, Alabama
 Father: Everette Yerby
 Mother: Sarah McMillion
Wife: Sarah George
Born: 1809
notes* In 1956 at age 90 Mr. J.R. Horne (Media Hamner`s husband) remembers this family coming from Tennessee or North Carolina in a covered wagon drawn by 2 oxen. They were newly married. J.R. Horne said Hogan was a 6 foot 4 inch red haired Irishman with an Irish brogue you could cut with a knife. He was a very good natured man. Notes from Bonnie Fuller, wife of Leonard Fuller son of Susan "Susie" Layona Glenn who was the dau. of of Allen Turner "Boss" Glenn and Carrie Hamner     


Francis M. Yerby b. 18 July 1829 and died 10 Aug. 1887.
Seaborne Yerby b. ca.1830
John S. Yerby b. ca 1832
Luellen C. Yerby b. ca. 1834
Isaac S. Yerby b. ca. 1836
James Yerby b. ca. 1838
Newton Yerby b. ca. 1840
Margaret Yerby b. ca. 1842
Saraepta Yerby b. ca 1844
William Inge Yerby b. ca. 1846

Francis M. Yerby
wife:: Lida Ann Walden b. 11 Jan. 1833 and died 7 Jan. 1891 married: 15 Feb. 1850

Minnie Yerby b. 3 Feb. 1870 d. 22 Oct. 1844 married to R.B. Turner
Nora Yerby b. ? married ? Carroway
Rippie Yerby b. ?
Ressie Yerby "twin of Rippie" b. ? married Will Stokes
Jasper Newton Yerby "Bud" b. ?
Monica Yerby b. ?
Allice Yerby b. ca. 1857 d. ca. 1861

Sara Elizabeth Yerby b. ca 1849 d. ca. 1925 married Thomas Wingfield Hamner

Children OF SARA Elizabeth
Carrie Hamner m. Allen Turner "Boss" Glenn
Children See Glenn site

*more on Amon Yerby (brother to Hogan)
Amon Yerby b. ca 1784 in Mecklinburg, NC d. 26 Feb. 1861 in Fayette County,AL.
Amon m. Rachel Dodson
known children: Tabitha Helen Octavia Yerby b. 17 Sept 1818 in NC d. 21 Mar. 1860. Tabitha married first David Walker Albrighton and secondly Daniel G. Kirkland.

James Franklin Yerby b. 30 July 1820 in Mecklinburg, NC d 11 Nov. 1899 in Buffalo,Leon Tx. James married Sarah Ann Dodson

William J. Yerby b. 1822 in Alabama d. 1865 in Camp Chase, OH. William married Mariah Rice

Jemima Yerby b.? d. ? married Elijah Holliman

Sarah Yerby b.? d. ? married Edward L. Younghance

Jasper Newon Yerby b. 1827 d. 25 June 1862 married Ruthie N. Hankins.
known children of Jasper and Ruthie were Rachel Ann Yerby b. 1858 in Lamar, Al married Alec Sam Gosa
child Richard Newton Yerby b 24 July 1854 d. 30 June 1942 married Sarah Ann Mc-Craw.
known children of Richard and Sarah Yerby were Roland Yerby m. Delia "Dellie" Harrison.
Rosetta b 22 Feb 1885 d. 8 Nov. 1964.
Richard Harvey Yerby b. 11 Apr. 1888 in Lamar, Al d. 9 June 1961 in Tuscaloosa, Al married Emma Ally Lee Graham.
child Tabita H. Yerby b. 1860 d.? married Joel Tate
child Thomas William Yerby b. 6 Aug. 1894 in Lamar, Al d. 20 April 1979 in Seminole, Ok

Child John R. Yery (continues the line children of Amon and Rachel Yerby
John R. Yerby b 1828 in Al d. ? married Mattie Van-Hoose
Child Mary Virginia Yerby b. 1826 in Fayette, Al d. July 1864 in Tx married Henry Russell Jones
Child Lucy Yerby b 1832 in Al d. ? married Stephen A. Rogers
Child Martha Yerby b. 1834 in Tx d. ? married A. Jack Jones
Child Alexander F. Yerby b.? d. ? married ?


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