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[click: Roy and Viola Laws]    Roy and Viola Laws   
   made in 1926    
[click: grandchildren of Sam Hall]    Children of Roy and Viola   

[click: bbbdoray.gif]    Donna Rae   
   about age 4    
[click: bbbella.gif]    Ella Hall,Sam Hall,Rebecca Hall   
   Donna Rae and Iris Dale    
[click: bbbdoray2.gif]    Donna Rae,Sam Hall,Iris Dale   
   Donna Rae,Sam Hall, Iris Dale    

Viola Hall, b. 01/13/1909; d. 06/15/1939, married Roy Allen Laws b. 03/28/1905; d.05/22/1984) on *July 26th,1926.


Eula (b.06/07/1927) married James B. Templin, (d.03/13/2000), on April 3rd, 19*47 or 48. Children: Gary Mark Templin (b.03/10/1951; d.09/11/1977). Married Margaret Fugate on June 16th, 1976 and had no children. Vondle Jean Templin (b.05/22/1953). Married: Alan M. Shipley(b.*08/??/195?) on June 16th, 1979. Children: Alan "Bo" M. Shipley II (b.01/19/1985) and Nathaniel "Nathan" M. Shipley (b.*10/15/1989 or 90).

Ella Berneice (b.11/20/1929). Married James Wm. Jordan (d.12/29/1993). Children: Donna Rea, (b.06/06/1952). Married: Never. Children: None. Patrice "Patty" Jane Jordan (b.11/19/1963). Married: James Roy Davis (b.06/04/1957) on June 19th, 1982. Children: Kristofer Paul Davis (b.08/06/1984) and Grant Dupree Davis (b.07/07/1988).

Elayne (b.11/31/1932). Married: Johnny Howard Trent (b.01/31/193?) on *April 15th, 1967 or 68. Child: Steven Howard Trent (b.*01/05/1968 or 69). Married: Carol Adams on *June ??, 19??. Children: Andrew Steven Trent (b.04/30/1997 and John Adams Trent (b.07/20/2000).

Roy Donald (b.*05/23/193?). Married: (1) Elizabeth "Betty" S. Myoski on *??/??/1957 or 59). Child: Donal (no d at end of name) "Skeets" Lehn Laws (b.09/11/1959;d.08/16/1986) . Married: Debbie Ann Gray on 07/29/1979. Children: Benjamin "Benji" Daniel Laws (b.08/07/1981) and Ciji Delaney Laws (07/06/1983). Don - Married (2): Ann Sisk on *??/?? 1970s. Child: Charles "Chuck" Eston Laws (*04/09/1976). Married Kim on *??/??/19??. Children: Lena Alisa Laws (*b.??), Taylor Nichole Laws(*b.??) and a son Caleb Brant Laws (*b.??). Don - Married: Mamie ?? (*d.1980s) on *??/??1980s). Children: None. Don - Married: Minnie ?? (*b.??) on *??/??1990s. Children: None.

Enid: (b.08/04/1937). Married Carl Fish (*01/13/193?) on *??/??/1954 or 55. Children: Lynda Kaye (b.06/27/1956) . Married: (1) Douglas Hughes in 1974 and divorced in 1977). Lynda - Married (2) Phil Gray. Children: Carl-Glenn Gray (b.02/01/1985) and Emily Viola Gray (b.10/15/1987). Enid's son: Randall Carl Fish (*??/? ?/195?). Married Sandra on (*??/??) Randall's children: Russell M. Fish (*??/??/19??), Theresa Fish (*full name unknown) (*??/??/19?? and April Fish (*full name unknown) (*b.??/??/19??).

Pictured below: Eula, Ella, and Elayne

Eula, Ella, and Elayne

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