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Family of James Robert and Ollie Murr Hall.

Jim was the son of "Singing" Sam and Emeline Ellison Hall.

James Robert Hall (Jim) Born:  August 25, 1906 in Hartford, Tenn.; Died:  November 11, 1998 in Greenville, S.C.  Buried:  Woodlawn Cemetery, Greenville, S.C.
Married:  Ollie Geneva Murr Born:  July 26, 1908 in Newport, Tenn.; Died:  September 8, 1985 in Greenville, S.C.  Buried:  Woodlawn Cemetery Greenville, S.C.

Date of Marriage:  June 5, 1925 in Greenville, S.C.

Children:  (1) Eulas J. Hall
Born:  May 23, 1926  Died:  May 25, 1926
Buried:  Bell Hill Cemetery
Hartford, Tennessee

(2) Furman Lewis Hall Born:  September 19, 1929 in Greenville, S.C.
Married:  Norma Jean Turner Born:  July 2, 1934 Daughter and Grandchildren of Furman and Norma Jean Turner Hall:
Deborah (Debbie) Lynn Hall Born:  July 8, 1952
Married:  1. Roger Hyder   2. Mike Grant
Children of Roger and Deborah Hall Hyder:
Sean Paul Hyder Born:  November 16, 1973
Amy Michele Hyder Born:  December 31, 1975
1. Married:  Russell Cooley  
Daughter:  Kayla Cooley Johnson  Born:
  September  16, 1994
2. Married:  Chris Johnson
  Daughter:  Carlee Johnson  Born:  May 20, 2001

(3) Lillie (Bea) Beatrice Hall Born:  August 12, 1931 in Hartford, Tenn.
Married:  Clyde Bomar Good  Born:  September 3, 1929
Daughter and Grandchildren of Clyde and Bea Hall Good:
Beverly "Bev" Jean Good  Born:  May 26, 1953
Married at Calvary Baptish Church in Greenville, South Carolian on 19 May 1974 to  Frank G. Hawkins Jr.  Born:  August 4, 1948
Children:  Jason Bradley Hawkins  Born:  January 26, 1981
James Derek Hawkins  Born:  October 14, 1982

(4) Mildred Emeline Hall  Born:  July 19, 1933 in Hartford, Tenn.
Married:  James "Jimmie" A. Pierce, Jr.  Born:  July 7, 1930
Son of Mildred and Jimmie Pierce:
James A. Pierce, III  Born:  March 13, 1953
Married:  Becky Ferrell  Born:  August 29, 1959

(5) Okla La Faye Hall Born:  September 22, 1936 in Greenville, S. C.
Married:  1. Kenneth Green  2. C. David Aiken
  Born:  October 3, 1937
Son of Faye Aiken and Kenneth Green:
Phil Green  Born:  January 12, 1957
Daughter and Grandchildren of Faye and David Aiken:
Tammy Denise Aiken  Born:  October 29, 1963 Married:  N. Lynn Franklin  Born:  September 28, 1963
Children: David Paul Franklin  Born:  February 6, 1985
Sarah Elizabeth Franklin  Born: November 14,1986

(6) Belinda Carol Hall  Born:  May 31, 1951 in Greenville, S.C.
Married: Alan Neal Hilliard  Born: April 4,1951
Children and Grandchild of Alan and Belinda Hall Hilliard
Ashley Elizabeth Hilliard  Born:  November 16, 1974 Married:  Robert "Bobby" Arthur Olsen  Born:  July 12, 1978
Son: Robert "Bobby" Alan Olsen Born: Aug.31,2001

Hilliard website

Jennifer Brooke Hilliard  Born:  June 24, 1981 married Jamie King B. Aug. 20, 1973

Brian Alan Hilliard  Born:  July 22, 1983

Pictured below: Family of Belinda Hall Hilliard

Pictured below: Family of Belinda Hall Hilliard
Faye Aiken 65, Furman Hall 72, Belinda Hilliard 50, Mildred Pierce 68, Bea Good 70,
Children of James Robert "Jim" and Ollie Murr Hall

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