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Sam Hall Family Picture

Emeline Ellison (b. June 3, 1873 Cocke Co. TN; d. May13, 1926) married Samuel D. Hall (b. December 10, 1874; d.April 6, 1959). They married on January 31 1895. They had nine children: Jacob, Allen, Eliza, Rebecca, Jim, Viola, Rachel, Frank, and Effie. Emeline had another son, William "Bill Ike" Isaac (McMillan) Ellison born 1895. Her brother Peter raised him.

Emeline's parents were:

William Ellison (b. 1834 Del Rio, TN; died 1903 Hartford, TN) and Matilda Messer (b. 1838 TN; d. 1877).  Matilda Messer was the daughter of Thomas Messer (b. 1800 NC) and Mary Price (b. 1805 NC). Thomas and Mary Price were married 12 Feb. 1823 in Haywood County, North Carolina. Bondsman was William Caldwell Jr. and witness was David Russell, J.P. Mary Price was the dau. of Richard Price.  William and Matilda are buried in the Toper (Old Rollins) Cemetery in Hartford, Tenn.   William's second wife was Emeline Russell. She died 25 Dec 1933 and is buried in McGaha Cemetery, Cocke Co., TN.


  Children of Matilda Messer and William Ellison:

Mary Jane Ellison was born 11 Sep 1857 in Cocke Co., TN, and died 1927. She married William Neil Manous 4 Feb. 1880 in Cocke Co , Tennessee.    

John Anderson Ellison was born 22 Jun 1856 in Cocke Co., TN, and died 24 Sep 1937. He married Martha Ann Hall 25 Jun 1877, daughter of James Hall and Sarah  Green. She was born ca. 1856 in Cocke Co., Tennessee. Martha Ann was a first cousin of Samuel D. Hall who married John's sister Emeline.

Isaac Ellison was born 1862 in Cocke Co., TN, and died in Clark Cemetery, Cocke Co., TN. He married Lucy Henry 7 Feb 1887. She died 4 Oct 1918.

Hannah Rebecca Ellison was born 6 Mar 1865 in Cocke Co., TN, and died 1933 in Del Rio, Cocke, TN. She married James Oliver Bullington 13 Jan 1881 in Cocke Co , Tennessee. He was born 26 Mar 1862 in South Carolina, and died 19 May 1920 in Del Rio, Cocke, TN. Click Here for the Bullington Family History. Buried in the Bullington Cemetery, Ravens Branch, Hartford, Tenn. Hannah delivered her sister Emeline`s son, James Robert Hall, and Emeline also named her daughter, Hannah Rebecca Hall, after her sister. J. Oliver Bullington's brother and his wife, Caleb Bullington and Flora Bell Hensley, are buried at the Bell Hill Cem. There are many Bullingtons buried at Bell Hill Cemetery. They have a Bullington reunion at Bell Hill, too. It has been said that the Bullingtons came from well-to-do plantation owners in S.C. Hannah had 13 children? Eight of them died as infants or toddlers. She had twins - Pearlie and Earlie but Earlie died the same day he/she was born. Hannah's daughter, Lue may have had twins, too, because she has two named Ollie and Oliver unless that's a mistake.    

J. Peter Ellison was born 6 Sep 1869 in Cocke Co., TN, and died 5 Aug 1943 in Cocke Co , Tennessee. He married Jane Rollins 23 Jan 1892. She was born in probably Cocke Co. TN.    

Emeline Ellison was born 3 June 1873 in Hartford, Cocke Co., TN, and died 13 May 1926. Buried at Bell Hill Cemetery.  Had 1 son, William Isaac "Ike," by a McMillan in 1894. Her brother Peter raised him.She married Samuel D. Hall 31 Jan 1895, son of Allen Hall and Emeline Eliza Bible.  He was born 10 Dec 1874 in Cocke Co , Tennessee, and died 6 April 1959.They had nine children.

Children of William Ellison and Emeline Russell:

Nancy Catherine Ellison was born 6 Aug 1883, and died 18 Jan 1935. She married John Reuben McGaha 3 July 1900 in Cocke Co., TN.  

   Sarah E."Sally" Ellison was born 22 Jul 1888 in Cocke Co , Tennessee, and died 4 Nov 1965 in Cocke Co , Tennessee. She married Adam Black 21 Mar. 1913 in Cocke County, Tennessee, son of Nathan Matthew Black and Jane Adeline Teague. He was born 1883 in Cocke County, Tennessee.   

  Lettie Cordelia Ellison was born 22 May 1890 in Cocke Co., TN, and died 31 May 1975. She married Joseph McGaha 16 Aug 1912 in Cocke Co , Tennessee.    

Arthur Ellison was born 29 Mar 1894 in Cocke Co., TN, and died 11 Jan 1970. He married Bonnie Rogers 30 May 1919 in Cocke Co., TN.
Sources:  Census records and marriage records of Cocke Co., Tenn.  McGaha and Black Cemeteries, Records of William Ellison's granddaughter Rebecca Hall Freeman Glenn. Records of Nancy Catherine (Kate) McGaha's daughter, Mrs. Rhoda McGaha Coggins.

Emeline's Grandparents

William's parents were Michael (b. 1802 in Penn.; d. before 1870 in Cocke Co. Tenn.) and Hannah Cleary (b. 1807 in NC; d. ____ in Texas?) Ellison.  They were married in 1830.
  Note:  Hannah Cleary's sister Arabella married Jacob Bible.

Michael Ellison married Hannah Cleary
Their son William Ellison 
Jacob Bible married Arabella Cleary
Their daughter Emeline Bible m. Allen Hall
William Ellison and Emeline Bible were 1st cousins.
William's daughter Emeline Ellison.
Emeline and Allen Hall's son Samuel D. Hall
Emeline Ellison and Samuel D. Hall were 2nd cousins.

Children of Hanna Cleary and Michael Ellison are:

John Ellison was born 15 Feb 1830 in Del Rio, Cocke Co., Tennessee, and died 3 Apr 1891 in Burnet Co., Texas. He married Judith Carolyn Clark, daughter of Mary "Polly" Hood and John Hunter Clark, Jr.  She died 20 Mar 1920 in Burnet Co., Texas. Her Uncle Joseph Hood married her sister-in-law Harriet Jane Ellison.  Judith Caroline Clark was a sister to Hugh Clark who married Mary Ann Bible the daughter of Jacob Bible and Arabella Cleary. 

    Abraham "Abe" Ellison was born 6 Mar 1832 in Del Rio, Cocke Co., Tennessee, and died 25 May 1921 in Williamson County, Texas. He married Susan Able 20 Oct 1857. She was born  about 1835 in Cocke Co., Tennessee, and died 9 Oct 1907 in Burnet Co.,Texas.  Abe fought in the Civil War and served until 1864.  Tenn. Regiment, Co. 8. After the war, he farmed for about 10 years and then moved to Texas.  His mother Hannah Cleary Ellison, brothers, and 2 sisters and all their families also moved there. They lived the remainder of their lives in Texas.

   William Ellison was born 1834 in Del Rio, Cocke Co., Tennessee, and died 1903 in Cocke Co.  Tennessee.  He married Matilda Messer 1855, daughter of Thomas Messer and Mary Price.  She was born in Probably Cocke Co. TN, and died 1877 in Cocke Co , Tennessee. He married Emeline Russell. She died 25 Dec 1933 in McGaha Cemetery, Cocke Co., TN.    

Harriet Jane Ellison was born 22 Oct 1837 in Del Rio, Cocke Co., Tennessee, and died 11 Mar 1912. She married Joseph Hood 1855 in Cocke Co , Tennessee. He died 29 Mar 1915 in Burnet Co., TX. Joseph Hood was the uncle of Judith Carolyn Clark who married Harriet's Brother John.

Isaac N. Ellison was born 1840 in Del Rio, Cocke Co., Tennessee, and died 22 Jul 1864 in  Andersonville Prison, GA.  Died from scorbutus (food deficiency - starvation most likely). Isaac was a corporal in the Civil War from Tenn.  He was captured at Rogersvile, Tenn. and held at Andersonville, Ga. where he died and is buried there.  Isaac was in the 2nd Tenn. Infantry, Co. F.  Union Army.  Code No.: 13761  Grave No.:  3761

Mary Emeline Ellison was born 31 Oct 1842 in Del Rio, Cocke Co., Tennessee, and died 17 Jul 1902 in Marble Falls, Burnet Co., TX. She married Samuel Bible 4 Aug 1860 in Tennessee. He was born 18 Jan 1839 in Del Rio, TN, and died 24 Sep 1884 in Marble Falls, Burnet Co., TX.  Samuel Bible was the son of Jacob and Arabella Cleary Bible.   

  Peter Ellison was born 1848 in Del Rio, Cocke Co., Tennessee. Fought in the Civil War. Tenn. 5th Regiment Union.

Emeline's Great Grandparents

Michael Ellison's parents were John and Elizabeth ??? Ellison.

John was born 1761-1769 in Pennsylvania and lived there before moving to Cocke Co. Tennessee.  

He died in Cocke Co., Tennessee.  Elizabeth was born 1773 in Pennsylvania.  There are no other records of Elizabeth nor do we know her maiden name.  All of their children may not be recorded but we know of Peter, Jacob, Martin and Michael.  There might have been a James, as there was one on the Tax List of 1839. The James was born about 1825 would have only been 14, so it probably isn't him.

  Children of Elizabeth? Unknown and John Ellison:

Peter Ellison was born 1795 in PA, and died Sep 1850 in TN. He married Susannah Ellen Sharp in Newport, Cocke Co., TN, daughter of William Sharp and Elizabeth Borden. She was born 1796. Peter (Emeline's Great Uncle) had about 10 kids.  He married Susannah Sharp. Their son Elisha was born 1830.  Elisha married Minerva Butler.  She had some Cherokee blood in her line.  They had 9 children.  One was James Franklin "Frank" Ellison, born 1860.  

James had John Elmer Ellison.  Elmer had Lloyd Ellison who had one child, Sue Ellison Collins.  Sue furnished much of the Ellison history.     

August 7, 2001

Peter fought in the War of 1812 and served from September 12, 1814-May 3, 1815 under Captain Scott.  He received 80 acres of land in Rhea Co. Tenn. for his service.  He moved there  in the early 1820s.  He is on the 1830, 1840 and 1850 Census of Rhea and Meigs Co. Jacob Ellison was born 1797 in PA, and died Bef 1880. He married Esther Unknown. She was born in S.C. and died before 1870.    

Martin Ellison was born 1798 in PA, and died Bef 1860 in Sevier Co., TN. He married Mary Unknown. She was born N.C..   

Michael Ellison was born 1802 in PA, and died ca. 1870 in Cocke Co , Tennessee. He married Hanna Cleary 1830. She was born 1807 in NC.   *** Parents of Emeline Ellison.****

In a history of Cocke County it says, "As early as 1789, John Ellison, then of the Cocke County part of Greene County, represented the latter county in the House of Commons of North Carolina, and sat in the North Carolina Convention, which ratified the Federal Constitution of 1789." It would appear that this wouldn't be our John as John's children were born in PA after 1789....Perhaps they were related somehow, but we haven't determined this as yet.

1840 Cocke County, TN census Land surveys, Tennessee Archives, Nashville, TN

Research first done by Ruth Ellison Robinson

Information on Emeline's first child:

William "Bill Ike" Isaac Ellison

This information courtesy Courtney Ellison,

William lived with J. Peter Ellison, his mother Emeline's brother.

Father: Unknown McMillan

Mother: Emeline Ellison b: 3 Jun 1873 in Hartford, Cocke Co., TN

Marriage 1 Rhoda James b: 1892 in Hartford, Cocke Co., TN

(Daughter of Isaac James and Nancy Jane Bullington.  Isaac was the son of Lucinda "Cindy" Hall and Bill James. Cindy was the daughter of Samuel Hall and Martha Brewington.)  Married: 1911


1. Audrey Ellison b: 4 Oct 1912 in Hartford, Cocke Co., TN

2. Wilma Ellison b: 3 Sep 1914 in Hartford, Cocke Co., TN

3. Della Ellison

4. Keppy Ellison b: 21 Jan 1919 in Hartford, Cocke Co., TN

5. Elsie Ellison

6. Joe Ray Ellison b: 24 Oct 1923 in Hartford, Cocke Co., TN

7. Gladys Ellison b: 6 Mar 1925 in Hartford, Cocke Co., TN

8. Eulas Ellison (see obit below)

9. Eunice Ellison b: 6 Mar 1930

4.    John Ellison was born 1761-1769 in Pennsylvania, and died in Cocke Co , Tennessee.

5.    Elizabeth? Unknown was born 1773 in Pennsylvania, and died in Tennessee.

Eulas Ellison
Died: 08-14-2002
Mr. Eulas Ellison, formerly of Hartford, age 74, passed away August 14 in Wilmington, NC. He was preceded in death by wife, Louise; parents, W.I and Rhoda James Ellison; and sisters and brothers, Audrey Laws Dockery, Wilma Whitmire, Elsie Johnson, Gladys Key, Eunice Butcher, Keppy Ellison, and Joe Ray Ellison.
He is survived by his stepdaughter and husband, Joyce and James Chadwick, of Burgaw, NC; grandchildren, Amy Walker and Tim Steen, and four great-grandchildren, all of Burgaw. He is also survived by a sister, Della Lunsford, of Newport; several nieces, nephews, and cousins; and special niece, Ruby Laws Pickard, of Orange, Texas. Funeral services will be Friday, August 16, 2002, in Wilmington, NC. Coble-Ward-Smith Funeral Home, Wilmington, NC is in charge.

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