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Allen and Emeline Hall

EMELINE ELIZA9 BIBLE (JACOB BIEL8, GEORGE7, CHRISTIAN/CHRISTOPHER6, JOH (HANS) ADAM5 BIEBEL, JOHANS GEORG4, JOHANN MATTHIS MARTIN3, HANS HEINRICH2, HANS ANTON1) was born March 09, 1851 in Parrottsville, Cocke City, Tn., and died September 26, 1939 in Cocke Co., Tn. She married ALLEN HALL on 21 Dec. 1871. Allen was born December 07, 1848 in Hartford, Cocke Co, TN, and died February 21, 1935 in Cocke Co., Tn. They are buried in the Bullington Cemetery in Cherokee National Forest.

      Children of EMELINE BIBLE and ALLEN HALL

Hall siblings

Pictured above from left to right:
Samuel Hall, Jacob Hall, Minnie Hall Freshour, John Russell Mantooth, Ellen Hall Mantooth, and Milburn Hall

1. MARTHA ARABELLA HALL, b. October 12, 1872, Cocke Co., Tn; d. 21 Aug. 1899 in Oklahoma married Randolph Green on 27 Sept. 1889. After Martha died Randolph returned to Sevier County, Tn.
Known children were: Cora, Milburn and Claude. Cora married Tom Howell. Milburn married Ruth Hull.
Randolph Green was the son of Randolph Woody and Elizabeth Jane Green. Elizabeth was the dau. of Isaac Green and Sarah Henry. Randolph was married to Arbella Hall on 9 June 1890? in Cocke Co, TN. Children were: Milburn Green. He was married secondly to Lou E. Laws on 13 Oct. 1901 in Cocke Co, TN. Children were: Ernest Green.

2. SAMUEL D. HALL, b. December 10, 1874; d. April 06, 1959. Sam married first Emeline Ellison and secondly Sarah Ball Rollins. His third wife was Cora McMahan Powell. He had no children with Sarah.

Jake and sister Minnie

3. JACOB CONRAD "J.C." "Jake" HALL, b. July 13, 1877, Cocke Co., Tn.; d. September 30, 1956, Cocke Co., Tn. Jake married on 15 Sept. 1901 to Amanda Caroline Hensley born 23 Feb. 1880 in Greene Co. Tn and died 19 Feb. 1935 in Cocke Co. Tn. Jake is buried at Bell Hill Cemetery

Children of Jake and Amanda Hensley Hall were:

*Hayden Odell Hall m. Sally Mae Willis. They had seven children: Jacob "Lee" Hall m. Frances Baily, Edsel, Arbell "Leah", Eleanor, Nell "Tot", Floyd and Lloyd.
*Emma Hall married Lewis Knox Polk Baxster. Their children were Joyce, Kyle Knox, Keith, and Lloyd
*Ottis M. Hall married Carrine ?. Their children are Carol, Ronnie, Dwight, Grant, Lynn and Jud. *****See Memoriam at bottom of page***********
*Hiter Hall married Viola Caughron. Their children were: Hilda Hall Shults, James Ottis, Hider Jr., and David Clayton. Hider Jr. married Patricia Keller.
*Seth Hall
*Cleo Hall
Click below for photo of our newest Hall descendant, Kaylan Kellie Cole and mother Amanda Hall Cole, great-grandchild of Ottis and Carrine Hall. Amanda is married to Buddy Cole. Kaylan was born June 12, 2002.
Photo of Kaylan Kellie Cole and Amanda

4. ELLEN HALL, b.30 July 1890; d. 6 May 1972 married John Russell Mantooth b. 21 Dec. 1879 d. 6 Feb. 1944 son of Elias Mantooth and Sarah Burke.
Children: * Nora b. Aug. 15, 1910 m. Burke Wood
* Homer m. Beatrice Shults
* Allen m. Artell James
* Clay b. 1927 d. 1977 m. Marie Fox

5. JULIE HALL, b. 6 Mar 1880; d. 26 April 1900 m. OSBORNE BALL. They had one child Effie Mae Ball born 1899 married Roscoe Rollins

6. MINNIE HALL, b. 23 Mar. 1893; d. May 1976 m. CARL FRESHOUR on September 19, 1912, Newport, Cocke Co, TN. Carl was born Sept. 30, 1888 d. Sept. 1972. They are buried at Union Cemetery. Children:
* Dalphia b. 1913 d. 1985 married Iris Mantooth.
Children: Gary, Brady, and Gwendolyn.
* Curtis b. Aug. 26, 1914 d. Sept. 29, 2002
* Belva b. July 27, 1917 m. Fred Humpston. Children:
Robert and Wanda
* Minnis b. Aug. 1, 1922 m. Helen Templeton
Child: Scott Carlton
* Ardell b. Aug. 1, 1930 m. Barbara Sisk
Children: Sylvia, Beverly and Bryan

7. MILBURN HALL, b. February 14, 1888; d. 3 January 1975, Hartford, TN 37753; m. Creta Banks; b. October 19, 1896; d. Sept. 9 1984, Newport, TN 37821. They had two daughters: Ava and Ila. Milburn is buried at Bell Hill Cemetery. Terry Ball is a grandson of Milburn and Creta Hall.*******See Obituary at bottom of page.****************

8. ROBERT HALL, b. 27 Aug 1883; d. 5 March 1961; m. Texia Nora Arrowood b. June 19, 1885 d. Aug. 22, 1942 and dau. of Avery Allen Arrowood and Nancy Jane Edwards
Robert Hall Family Obituaries
* Samuel Joseph "Joe" b. Dec. 23, 1904 d. Jan. 1, 1985 m. Sarah Evalee "Eva" Bullington b. Aug. 23, 1905 d. June 23, 1985, dau. of Robert Bullington and Hannah Finney.
Children: "Thelma" Patricia b. Apr. 15, 1923 m. (1) Dan Briggs (2) Thurman Askew, Edith Bonita b. May 10, 1926 d. Sept. 17, 1962 m. Clifford Thorsett, Eugene D. "Gene" b. Mar. 16, 1928 d. Mar. 25, 2002 m. Mildred "Irene" Holt

* Carl Edwin b. Mar. 21, 1907 d. Aug. 9, 1979 m. Helen "Marie" Fish b. Feb. 26, 1915 d. Dec. 18, 2002 dau. of Cassie and Anna Jarrett Fish.
Betty Jo b. Aug 9, 1934 m. Lee Frisbee, Phillip Avery b. Sept. 7, 1936 m. (1) Karen Jean Holt (2) Maxine Yarbrough, Jetta Malva b. Oct. 9, 1930 d. Feb. 24, 2002 m. Arnold "Buddy" Hurley, Sharon Texia b. July 12, 1944 d. Jan. 19, 1991 m. Lowell McCarter, Ty Nease b. May 27, 1948 d. Mar. 23, 1982 m. Linda Askew, Jackie Marie b. Apr. 9, 1957 m. Kenneth Frisbee

*Julia b. May 10, 1909 d. Jan. 3, 1960 m. Steve Cogdill.
Bobbie Bonita, Maxine, and Joseph "Wayne", "Kenneth" Dewey, "Texia" Ellen, and Teresa.

*"Nancy" Emeline b. June 6, 1911 d. Aug. 6, 1993 m. "Herbert" Julius Hughes
"Sylvia" Mae, Belvin, Mary "Lavonda", and Alton Eugene.

*Mack Roy b. Oct. 10, 1916 d. Apr. 25, 1988 m. Hester Ball b. June 23, 1921 d. May 13, 1977 dau. of Garfield Ball and Abbie Jones.
Aurine, Iva Lee, Joseph Royal, Vivian, Lillian "Tank", Guynn Levon "Butch", Edwin "Eddie", Zeb Calvin, and Robert "Bob" Dale

*Zeb D. born Oct.2, 1922. He married Elizabeth Simmons born July 7,1922 m. on Nov.11, 1946.
Terry L. Hall born Oct. 28, 1947 died Oct.22, 1987 and Bennie Ray Hall born Feb. 25, 1957. Terry L. Hall married Sharon Owens born Feb 16, 1953 on Feb. 17, 1971. Terry and Sharon had a son and daughter: Terry "Scott" Hall born July 8, 1971 and Paula Michelle Hall born Jan 3, 1973. Kaitlyn Hall born Mar 28, 2000 is the daughter of Terry "Scott" and Cindy Hall.
Bennie Hall married Lisa Page on Sept. 1980. Bennie and Lisa have a son and daughter: Jennifer born June 4, 1986 and a son Benjamin born July 24, 1993.

9. Francis "FANNY" HALL, b. 17 July 1882 and died 25 Sept. 1882

10. Allen Hall Jr. b. 16 July 1897 and d. 7 Nov. 1899

Hall siblings

Pictured above from left to right: Ellen Hall Mantooth, Samuel Hall, Carl Freshour, and Minnie Freshour
Picture made in August 1953

Hall and Finney Family

Pictured above from left to right-bottom row
Johnny James, Emeline Bible Hall, Amanda Hall(holding baby), Hayden Hall, Jessie James, and Ervin James
Top Row- left to right
Frank James, Jake Hall, Randolph Turner, Artor Corn, Allen Hall, and Joe Finney.
Picture made about 1905

Photo of Allen Hall-Jake Hall-Emeline Bible Hall-Amanda Hall (Jakes wife)

Milburn Hall Dies

Funeral services for Milburn Hall, prominent Bell Hill Community citizen, will be held this afternoon at 2 p.m. at the Bell Hill Baptist Church. Mr. Hall died Friday afternoon in his home after apparently suffering a heart attack.

Mr. Hall was born February 14, 1888 on Hall`s Top, a son of the late Allen and Emaline Bible Hall. As a young man he taught school for one year at Boomer and also worked in logging camps and on the railroad.

A veteran of World War I, he served in France. After returning home he engaged in the farming business. He was a member of the Bell Hill Baptist Church. Mr. Hall`s family was well known for their singing ability and Mr. Hall and his late brother, Sam D. (Singing Sam) Hall, taught Old Harp Singing Schools in Cocke County. Each year, the Hall family gathers at the old Bell Hill School for an all-day reunion and singing. This past August, "Uncle Milburn," as he was known to his innumerable relatives, once again led the opening song.

Mr. Hall married the former Creta Banks on January 1, 1928 and they moved into a home he built for them in the Bell Hill Community. They resided in this home their entire married life. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Creta Banks Hall of Hartford, and children: Mrs. Ava Stanton. Miss Ila Hall, both of Loraine, Ohio: one sister, Mrs. Minnie Freshour, Newport: grandchildren, Mrs. Creta Costella, Terry Ball, Glesma Ball, Rhonda Stanton, Jimmy Stanton, and Pamela Jane Stanton, all of Loraine, Ohio; Mrs. Kathleen Zicafoose, Elyria Ohio: great- grandchildren: Lisa and Joanna Costella, Loraine, Ohio.

Officiating at this afternoon`s service will be Mr. Hall`s nephew, the Rev. Ransom Hall and the Rev. Elmer McGaha. Burial will be in the Bell Hill Cemetery. The body was removed to the home Sunday afternoon. Brown`s in charge.

Uncle Milburn died January 3, 1975. Burial was January 6, 1975.

In Memoriam
Ottis M. Hall died 9 May 1980
In memory of Ottis M. Hall who passed away one year ago May 9.
Daddy, In the spring of 1980 life had come to life again. The birds sang so sweetly, flowers bloomed, the fields showed their velvety hue of green. It was the time of year you loved best. On the morning of May 9 the angels came and took you home to be with Jesus. You left so quickly we had no time to say goodbye. All we could do was cry. But daddy, we still hear your voice. We still see your smile. This helps us to go on every lonely mile. But on that day of all days when the dead in Christ shall rise, and the saints of God shall fill the sky, (as you sang so many times "I`ll Ride on the Clouds with My Lord".) Yes, daddy we will ride the clouds together. Going home to part more. Jesus himself will dry our eyes. No more heartaches, no more tears, no more seasons, no more years, "Just Eternity". We love you daddy, and we miss you so very much.
Your loving wife Carrine, daughter Carole, sons: Ronnie, Dwight, Grant, Lynn, Jud and grandchildren.



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