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MY Make up designs, and or Horror FX!!

Hello people, thank you for comeing, below are some of my monsters/make up designes now iv been haveing trouble scanning things and uploading, yadda yadda its been a big mess but this is what i have as of now on the computer that is scanned and ill have more up soon. So enjoy!~Dravet

Me with just an eye design, no big woop.

Me on Halloween of this year, i was somthing dead.

Me again, just more eye make up. I ware my make up like that most of the time.

Me on Halloween again, just a full face shot.

another face.

This is cori,Me,savannah,mrs.pam,kelly. this was us on halloween.

Me and Megan after working in the Haunted Mansion at towndsand plantation.

whoohoo thats so not scary

megan my modle


Me and my Creation

Me in make up

2nd stage


Andrea my modle

2nd stage


me sportin the eye liner

me working on another zombie

zombie gash

me in make up again

These are pictures of blaine. i did his make up for a thing matt was filming

Me with one of my zombie heads

Doll face make up on me

and again

Blain and mike before they got painted. ( zombie modles)

Me and my modle

Slashed wrist.

Me dead


Dramatic make up

Eye liner


OK people.. thank you for looking threw my make up page, im adding new and gory pic so please come back. Also if you do make up and would like me to post your stuff please e mail me, ~Krystal

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