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Intarsia is a beautiful work of art, created from all natural woods.
The woods used are cut, hand sanded and placed on a glued backer one piece at a time.
After drying the pieces are re-sanded, rubbed down,
and two coats of polyurethane are applied, followed by a matt finish.
A wall hanger is then added and the work of art is ready for display.

The pieces of wood used in the creation of Intarsia are NOT stained or painted.
Each piece is hand selected because of its different grains and shades
giving this unusual work of art a beautiful contrast of colors.
For this reason each work of art takes many long hours to create,
but renders a finished product that may be enjoyed for years to come.

Please visit our featured gallery of products:
			      	ROSE                     MOM'S KITCHEN
			      	PELICAN                  THREE BEARS
			      	HOBO CLOWN               TIGER
			      	WOLF                     KISSING FISH

If you are looking to purchase a specific item that you do not see in our current gallery, please email us with your request.
We currently create one hundred different Intarsia works. We may even have your desired work of art in our current stock.

Bill's Intarsia
Owner: Bill F. Bowen
12271 Centralia Road
Brooksville, FL 34614
(352) 597-4814
Email: Bill's Intarsia.