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The Art of Jim Cook

Canadian Wildlife Painter and Carver

Born and raised in Sudbury Ontario Canada, Jim became an Artist later in life. After his retirement as a teacher in the Sudbury Region he discovered his love for Painting and Carving. He has had no formal training and is the perfect example of how we are what we try. He has attended classes and seminars by other artists that he admires and these artist have influenced his own Art. Such artist as Brian Atteyo, Bob Little, Morton Solberg, Zoltan Szabo, Barry Bowerman and the late Orest Andrews are just a few that Jim has looked to for inspiration and answers.

As a painter he prefers to work in watercolor. His painting are as diverse as his background ranging from florals, landscapes to wildlife. His love of nature flows through his brush revealing to us his attention to detail and his appreciation of wildlife's natural habitats.

Jim has always enjoyed carving. 30 years later and he is now teaching what he has learned to other adults that admire his work and share his love of carving. His work can be found throughout the world.Local foundations such as Ducks Unlimited, Nickel District Conservation Authority and more have benefited from his Donations and show his concern for the people and animals of Northern Ontario.

Jim holds annual solo showings of his art that are extremely successful and respected by the art community and collectors alike.


Interested in talking to Jim? Email him at or contact him personally via letter or phone

Jim Cook
666 Burton Ave.,
Sudbury Ont
P3C 4L2
(705) 675-2544