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Ref Surname First Number Title Cover U.S. Price Canadian Price Condition
rc11507 Dorsey and Goodman and Kincaid and Pelton and Rogers and Valentine Christine and Jo and Katharine and sonya T. and Evelyn and Terri N.A. Zebra - A Christmas Caress - Six Tales of Christmas Love by six beloved Historical Romance authors (Labeled first Printing November 1993) Paper Back $1.95 $2.55 Good
rc18513 Hilz Tammy N.A. Zebra Ballad Historical Once a Pirate(2000) "Jewels of the Sea" Paper Back $2.45 $3.85 Good
rc307 Schroeder Martha N.A. Zebra Ballad More than a dream (Labeled First Printing February 2001) "Angels of Mercy Zebra Ballad Historical Romance Paper Back $2.45 $3.00 Very Good
rc12332 Taylor Janelle N.A. Zebra Book Destiny's Temptress Paper Back $1.45 $1.95 Good
rc9757 Sawyer Meryl N.A. Zebra Book Thunder Island Paper Back $1.95 $2.55 Good
rc4463 Sommerfield Sylvie F N.A. Zebra BookSavage Rapture -(Oversized) Paper Back $1.45 $1.95 Good
rc18813 Michaels Fern N.A. Zebra Books - Vegas Sunrise (1998) 478 pages Paper Back $2.45 $3.75 Good
r362 Hudson Janis Reams N.A. Zebra Books Apache Promise Paper Back $1.45 $1.95 Fair
rc7901 Taylor Janelle N.A. Zebra Books Follow the Wind Hard Cover with Dust Jacket $3.65 $4.95 Good
rc583 Taylor Janelle N.A. Zebra Books Midnight Secrets Paper Back $1.45 $1.95 Good
rc8343 Gentry Georgina N.A. Zebra Books Nevada Nights Paper Back $1.45 $1.95 Good
rc15535 Michaels Fern N.A. Zebra Books White Fire (1978) Hard Cover with Dust Jacket $4.45 $5.95 Very Good
rc12910 Evanick Marcia 17 Zebra Bouguet Romance No 17 Somewhere in the Night Paper Back $1.00 $1.35 Good
rc19107 Cameron Stella N.A. Zebra Contemporary Romance Finding Ian (February 2002) "...all the touching elements of an oprah show, with a tragic childhood, intense soul searching and romance..- booklist" Paper Back $2.45 $3.85 Good
rc19090 Michaels Fern N.A. Zebra Fiction Kentucky Rich (2002) "The Coleman's of Texas andd the thorntons of Vegas just wouldn't stay out of my head. They seemed to be saying, 'there's more to our story, and it has to be told.' So what can i do but...tell it?" Paper Back $2.45 $3.85 Good
rc19101 Michaels Fern N.A. Zebra Fiction Vegas Heat (1997) "Vegas rich was the first book in a magnificent trilogy about the Coleman and Thornton dynasties..." Paper Back $2.45 $3.85 Good
rc19098 Michaels Fern N.A. Zebra Fiction Vegas Rich (1997) "Spanning over hald a century, here is the unforgettable story of Sally Coleman, who follows her dreams from Texas To Las Vegas, where a twist of fate makes her the richest and most poweful business woman in Nevada..." Paper Back $2.45 $3.85 Good
rc12282 Snow Ashley N.A. Zebra Heartfree Romance Yankee Snow Paper Back $1.45 $1.65 Good
rc1607 Finch Carol N.A. Zebra Historical - Montana Moonfire Paper Back $1.95 $2.55 Good
rc395 Finch Carol N.A. Zebra Historical - Montana Moonfire Paper Back $1.00 $1.35 Very Good
rc14665 Finch Carol N.A. Zebra Historical - Montana Moonfire Paper Back $1.00 $1.35 Very Good
rc9035 Ransom Dana N.A. Zebra Historical Romance - Dakota Promises Paper Back $1.95 $2.55 Good
rc13257 Beverley Jo N.A. Zebra Historical Romance An Unwilling Bride (Second printing 2000) - price sticker on front and inside and book store stamp on inside Can a marriage of convenience become an affair of the heart? "She vowed to despise him.He pledged to seduce her." Paper Back $4.45 $6.25 Good
rc12208 Wilson Jean N.A. Zebra Historical Romance Coulter's Angel Paper Back $1.95 $2.55 Good
rc17077 Snow Ashley N.A. Zebra Historical Romance Passion's Tender Song Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc15827 Drake Shannon N.A. Zebra Historical Romance Seize the Dawn Paper Back $2.45 $3.65 Good
rc17085 Bittner F. Rosanne N.A. Zebra Historical Romance Sioux Splendor Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc17079 Kincaid Katharine N.A. Zebra Historical Romance Storm Swept Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc17078 Jones Kathy N.A. Zebra Historical Romance Sweet Obsession Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc17084 Owen Wanda N.A. Zebra Historical Romance Tempting Texas Trasure Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc11757 Rogers Evelyn N.A. Zebra Historical Romance Wanton Slave Paper Back $1.95 $2.55 Good
rc20531 Howell Hannah N.A. Zebra Historical romance - Highland Knight Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc18577 Basso Adrienne N.A. Zebra Historical romance To Wed a Viscount Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc13820 Sandifer Linda N.A. Zebra Love gram Historical Romance Desire's Treasure (1995) Paper Back $1.95 $2.55 Good
rc11055 Biggs Cheryl N.A. Zebra Lovegram Historical Romance Hearts Denied Paper Back $1.00 $1.35 Very Good
rc10491 Kincaid Katharine N.A. Zebra Lovegram Historical Romance Promise me Heaven Paper Back $1.95 $2.55 Good
r673 Hockett Kathryn N.A. Zebra Lovegram Historical Romance River of Passion "In the Steamy wilds of the jungle, they surrendered...." Paper Back $1.95 $2.55 Good
rc19112 Garrod Rene J. N.A. Zebra Lovegram hostorical Romance The Heart's desire (1994) "It would take a marriage of inconvenience to.." Paper Back $2.45 $3.85 Good
rc18060 Laden Janis N.A. Zebra Regency Romance Bewitching Minx (1988) "She was sometimes less than a lady - and always more than bargained for" Oversized Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
r76 Clayton Alana N.A. Zebra Regency Romance The Headstrong Heart Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Very Good
rc13976 Bennett Janice N.A. Zebra Regency Romance The Starlight wish (1999) Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc10902 Adams Joyce N.A. Zebra Romance Historical Romance Gambler's Lady A Zebra Heart throb Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Very Good
rc2310 Ankrum Barbara N.A. Zebra Romance Renegade Bride Heart Fire Romance (Labeled First Printing July 1992) Paper Back $1.45 $1.95 Good
rc6672 Bell and Caille and Clare and Ellis and King and Linton Donna and Julie and Cathleen and Monique and Valerie and Isobel N.A. Zebra Romance Rogues and Rakes Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc19116 Martin Kat N.A. Zebra Romantic Suspense Hot Rain (May 2002) Allie Parker knows her best friend's death was no accident, and her quest to find the truth soon puts her in the wrong place - at the worst possible time..." Paper Back $2.45 $3.85 Good
rc19214 Michaels Fern N.A. Zebra Yesterday (2001) " with desire, suspense and complex characters..wonderful" - "A terrific beach read" Paper Back $2.95 $4.45 Good
rc1358 O'Dell Tara N.A. Zebra book Historical Romance The Saxon's Daughter Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc8310 James Deana N.A. Zebra books Acts of Passion Paper Back $1.45 $1.95 Good
rc18589 Scott Amanda N.A. Zebra historical Romance Border Storm (2001) Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc18055 Creel Catherine N.A. Zebra historical Romance Cimarron Bride (1989) either she'd die fighting-or survive by submitting to the lusty rancher" - slight crease on upper right hand corner of front cover Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc18835 Parker Laura N.A. Zebra historical Romance Mischeif (2002) 382 pages Paper Back $2.45 $3.75 Good
rc9268 Bale Karen A N.A. Zebra romance Apache's Angel A Zebra Romance Paper Back $1.95 $2.55 Good
rc9800 Ashley Veronica N.A. Zebra romance Pagan Desires Paper Back $1.95 $2.55 Good
rc19158 Michaels and Martin and Beverley and Sutcliffe and Joyce Fern and Kat and Jo and Katherine and Brenda N.A. Zebra romances - Five Golden rings (2000) - A Bright Red Ribbon - Christmas angel - Twelth night - Home for Christmas - The Miracle Paper Back $2.45 $3.85 Very Good
rc20166 Ferguson Jo Ann N.A. Zebra splendor Historical Romance Anything for you (2000) Paper Back $1.95 $2.85 Good
rc9574 Graham Elizabeth N.A. Zebra splendor Historical Romance Hayley's Heart Paper Back $1.00 $1.35 Good