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Reference Surname First No. Title Cover U.S. Canadian Condition
rc17892 Hill Grace Livingston 6 C/N/F No 6 All through the nite Separated from her beloved by the perils of war, a beautiful young woman holds fast to the promise of undying love Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc20634 Hill Grace Livingston N.A. Mystery Flowers (1996) Paper Back $1.95 $2.85 Good
rc20198 Hill Grace Livingston 2 No 2 Bright Arrows Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc20039 Hill Grace Livingston 22 No 22 Rose Galbraith (1970) "An impoverished young beauty crosses an ocean to marry for money and finds love instead) - slight signs of age Paper Back $1.95 $2.85 Good
rc20995 Hill Grace Livingston 66 No 66 The girl from Montana Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc19190 Hill Grace Livingston 9 No 9 The Girl of the woods (1968) In a world of tired cynicism childhood sweethearts prove their faith and love" - inked price on front cover and top end papers - slight signs of age Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Fair (Slight signs of age use or wear)
rc17735 Hill Grace Livingston N.A. The Witness (1945) Hard Cover without dust jacket $4.45 $5.95 Fair (Slight signs of age use or wear)