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Reference Surname First No. Title Cover U.S. Canadian Condition
rc10942 Macomber Debbie N.A. Brides for brother Paper Back $1.25 $1.95 Good
rc19607 Macomber Debbie N.A. Harlequin First comes marriage "Here Come the Grooms" - "Families have been arranging conjugal unions for centuries - Janine Hartman's grandfather was an ace negotiator and a master meddler, and she had no intention of letting Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc11442 Macomber Debbie 3130 Harlequin Romance No 3130 Father's Day Paper Back $1.25 $1.95 Good
rc15807 Macomber Debbie 3180 Harlequin Romance No 3180 My Hero Paper Back $1.25 $1.85 Good
rc13934 Macomber Debbie 3196 Harlequin Romance No 3196 The Man You'll Marry Paper Back $1.25 $1.95 Fair(Slight wear)
rc19539 Macomber Debbie 3307 Harlequin Romance No 3307 Ready for marriage Paper Back $1.25 $1.85 Fair (Slight signs of age use or wear)
rc17910 Macomber Debbie 3307 Harlequin Romance No 3307 ready for marriage Paper Back $1.25 $1.85 Fair (Slight signs of age use or wear)
rc7216 Macomber Debbie 3383 Harlequin Romance No 3383 The Marriage Risk "Midnight Sons" Paper Back $1.25 $1.95 Good
rc20261 Macomber Debbie N.A. Let is snow - our christmas gift to you Paper Back $2.95 $4.45 Good
rc10202 Macomber Debbie N.A. Let it Snow (1986) Our Christmas Gift to you Paper Back $4.45 $5.95 Good
r671 Macomber Debbie N.A. Mira - Montana Paper Back $1.45 $1.95 Very Good
rc18742 Macomber Debbie N.A. Mira Book - This matter of marriage (1997) Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc18089 Macomber Debbie N.A. Mira Book Promise Texas (1999) Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc4880 Macomber Debbie N.A. Mira Book The Matter of Marriage Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Very Good
rc12709 Macomber Debbie N.A. Montana Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc4292 Macomber Debbie N.A. Montana (1997) A mira Book Hard Cover with Dust Jacket $4.45 $5.95 Very Good
rc8403 Macomber Debbie N.A. Nell's Cowboy "Heart of Texas" Paper Back $1.25 $1.95 Fair(Slight wear)
rc394 Macomber Debbie N.A. One Night Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Very Good
rc925 Macomber Debbie N.A. Promise Me Forever Paper Back $1.95 $2.55 Good
rc18593 Macomber Debbie N.A. Promise me forever Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc7910 Macomber Debbie 3078 Rainy Day Kiss #3078 Paper Back $1.25 $1.95 Clearance
rc6083 Macomber Debbie 284 Silhouette Special Edition No 284 Reflections of Yesterday Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc16278 Macomber Debbie 392 Silhouette Special Edition No 392 All Things Considered Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
r213 Macomber Debbie 831 Silhouette Special Edition No 831 Groom Wanted Paper Back 1.65 $2.25 Fair(Slight wear)
r39 Macomber Debbie 842 Silhouette Special Edition No 842 "From this day forward series" Marriage Wanted Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc21193 Macomber Debbie 937 Silhouette Special Edition No 937 Same time next year "that special woman!" - match game coupons inside Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc10566 Macomber Debbie N.A. The Matter of Marriage - The Newest Block buster from Paper Back $1.95 $2.55 Good
rc390 Macomber Debbie N.A. Three Brides No Groom Paper Back $1.25 $1.95 Good
rc8693 Macomber Debbie 373 Yours an Mine #373 Paper Back $1.25 $1.95 Clearance
rc21003 Macomber Debbie 15 Silhouette Inspirations No 15 A Girl Like Janet (1984) Paper Back $3.65 $4.45 Good
rc17229 Macomber and McKenna and Creighton Debbie and Lindsay and Kathleen N.A. Men in uniform By request three complete novels Navy blue-Red Tails-Demon lover Paper Back $2.95 $3.95 Good
rc21421 Macomber and bowen and Johnson Debbie and Judith and Janice Kay 936 Harlequin Superromance No 936 Born in a small town - 3 stories Midnight Sons and Daughters and The glory Girl and Promise me picket fences Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good