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Reference Surname First No. Title Cover U.S. Canadian Condition
rc20119 Broaderick Annette 5 Made in America Men No 5 Deceptions California Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc8372 Broaderick Annette 5 Men Made in America No 5 Deceptions California (Small x on front cover) Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Fair(Slight wear)
rc18147 Broadrick Annette N.A. Christmas Magic (1988) Paper Back $2.95 $4.45 Good
r427 Broadrick Annette 25 Men Made in America No 25 Choices Missouri Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Fair(Slight wear)
rc8691 Broadrick Annette 5 Men Made in America No 5 Deceptions California Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Very Good
r356 Broadrick Annette 319 Silhouette Desire No 319 Man of the Month Where There is Love Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc8961 Broadrick Annette 883 Silhouette Desire No 883 Man of the month Temptation Texas Style "Sons of Texas" Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc14814 Broadrick Annette 676 Silhouette Romance No 676 A Love Remembered Paper Back $1.25 $1.95 Good
rc21187 Broadrick Annette 877 Silhouette Special Edition No 877 Mystery wife "that special Woman!" Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc20620 Broadrick and Gray and Morgan Annette and Ginna and Raye N.A. Wanted: mother - What's a dad to do - soul Mates - the Baby Invasion Paper Back $1.95 $2.85 Good