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Reference Surname First No. Title Cover U.S. Canadian Condition
rc19774 Roberts Nora N.A. Born in shame Paper Back $2.45 $3.65 Good
rc19314 Roberts Nora N.A. Carnal Innocence (January 1992) Strangers don't stay strangers for long in innocence Missippi, as wittie, urbane, and beautiful Caroline Waverly is quick to discover. Fame has taken its oll on the celebrated concert violinist. Paper Back $2.95 $4.45 Good - very slight wear on the edges of jacket
rc19312 Roberts Nora N.A. Carolina Moon (2000) ISBN 0-399-14592-3 "Nora Roberts has crafted an utterly spellbinding tale about a woman who, though battered in both body and spirit, can never lose Hope. Tory bodeen grew up in south Carolina, in a small Hard Cover with dust jacket $9.45 $14.45 Very Good
rc18478 Roberts Nora N.A. Carolina moon (2000) Over sized Paper Back $2.45 $3.75 Good
rc20229 Roberts Nora N.A. Dance upon the air (2001) First in the bewitching new Three sisters Island Trilogy - First time in print Paper Back $2.45 $3.85 Good
rc30049 Roberts Nora N.A. Daring to Dream (1996) "First in the Daring to Dream Trilogy" ISBN 0-515-11920-2 Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Very Good
rc18512 Roberts Nora N.A. Finding the Dream (1997) Paper Back $2.45 $3.85 Good
rc18476 Roberts Nora N.A. Genuine Lies (1999) Over sized Paper Back $2.45 $3.75 Good
rc21370 Roberts Nora N.A. Heart of the Sea - the conclusion to the enchanting Irish Trilogy Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc19262 Roberts Nora N.A. Heaven and Earth (2001) "Second in the captivating new three Sisters Island Trilogy" Paper Back $2.45 $3.85 Good
rc17851 Roberts Nora N.A. Inner Harbor - the conclusion to the stunning Trilogy Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc21322 Roberts Nora N.A. Irish Hearts Two stories - Irish Thoroughbreds and Irish Rose - Oversized - Slight signs of age and storage Paper Back $2.45 $3.65 Fair (Slight signs of age use or wear)
rc19318 Roberts Nora N.A. Montana Sky (1997) "A sweeping tale of three sisters who learn to live and love as family when they jointly inherit their father's ranch - New woman" Paper Back $2.95 $4.45 Good
rc19313 Roberts Nora N.A. Private Scandals (1993) ISBN 0-399-13828-5 "Behind the glamour and pulse of television talk shows lies a story more sensational than any tod on air. And here, the fierce rivalry of two ambitious women, fought with public smiles Hard Cover with dust jacket $7.45 $11.85 Good - very slight wear on the edges of jacket
rc20457 Roberts Nora N.A. Rising Tides - slight crease on back cover Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc20900 Roberts Nora N.A. SOLD Home for Christmas (1987) slight wear on the edges Paper Back $14.45 $21.85 Good
rc18477 Roberts Nora N.A. Sacred Sins (2001) Paper Back $2.45 $3.75 Good
rc18978 Roberts Nora N.A. Sea Swept Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
nd40 Roberts Nora 774 Silhouette No 774 Entranced - Donovan Legacy (1992) PPrice tag on front cover and two bookstore stamps on inside Paper Back $2.95 $3.95 Fair(Slight signs of age/use/shelf wear)
rc20981 Roberts Nora 1022 Silhouette Special Edition No 1022 The Mackade Brithers the Fall of Shane Mackade - slight wear on the upper part corners of a few pages Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc18170 Roberts Nora 1328 Silhouette Special Edition No 1328 Irish Rebel Paper Back $1.95 $2.75 Good
rc20258 Roberts Nora 288 Silhouette Special Edition No 288 Second Nature - price tag on front cover, bookstore stamp on inside Paper Back $2.45 $3.65 Good
rc20994 Roberts Nora 709 Silhouette Special Edition No 709 Luring a Lady - slight wear on edges "nothing in Sydney Hayward's background of wealth and privilege had prepared her to take the helm of her family's corporation. Her overwhelming new respo Paper Back $2.45 $3.65 Fair (Slight signs of age use or wear)
rc17943 Roberts Nora N.A. The McGregor Brides (1997) Paper Back $1.95 $2.85 Good