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Reference Surname First No. Title Cover U.S. Canadian Condition
rc19406 Greene Jennifer 998 Sihouette Desire No 998 The Unwilling Bride "Celebration 1000" Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc14148 Greene Jennifer 1245 Silhouette Desire No 1245 Kiss your Prince Charming Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc10574 Greene Jennifer 385 Silhouette Desire No 385 Lady Be Good Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Fair(Slight wear)
rc21184 Greene Jennifer 756 Silhouette Desire No 756 It Had to be you "Man of the month - light crease on upper right hand corner Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc12642 Greene Jennifer 855 Silhouette Desire No 855 Bothered Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc7346 Greene Jennifer 931 Silhouette Desire No 931 Single Dad "Man of the Month" Award Winning Author Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc13818 Greene Jennifer 966 Silhouette Desire No 966 Arizona Heat Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
rc13771 Greene Jennifer 305 Silhouette Intimate Moments No 305 Devil's Night Paper Back $1.65 $2.25 Good
r648 Greene Jennifer N.A. The Unwilling Bride Paper Back $1.25 $1.95 Good
r372 Greene Jennifer N.A. Quicksand Paper Back $1.25 $1.95 Good